Beijing Bookstore Owner Shi Weihan; Detained for Second Time

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Attention: CEO’s, upper level management and all who share a part in Corporate Social Responsibility
Beijing Bookstore Owner Shi Weihan; Detained for Second Time

(Beijing-June 30, 2008) International Human Rights Advocacy Group China Aid Association has learned that Beijing Book Store Owner, Shi Weihan has been detained for a second time by Beijing Public Security Bureau Officials.
Shi and his wife Zhang Jing along with a dozen others were detained in November of 2007 on charges of “illegal printing of religious material.” Zhang Jing was questioned and released while Shi and the others remained in custody. On January 4, 2008 after massive media inquiry and press attention, Beijing authorities released Shi Weihan on grounds of “insufficient evidence”. Shi was able to reunite with his wife and daughters, Grace and Lilli.
However, on March 19, 2008 Shi was re-arrested and has been held without family visitation rights according to Zhang Jing. Zhang also stated that she had received no word on her husband’s condition, and she has been prohibited from bringing him any food or changes of clothing since his re-arrest. Zhang stated she is “very concerned” about her husband’s health, as he has diabetes.
Public Security Bureau officials have been known to use deprivation and torture to force detainees to reveal information about others.
China Aid Association urges local Beijing business managers, including upper level managers and owners to take appropriate action by questioning local authorities concerning the actions taken against Shi Weihan. It is any businesses corporate social responsibility to act on such injustices within their communities and areas of influence.
China Aid Association and its reporting associates around the world will be glad to report the action or in-action taken by your company in response to this social injustice.
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