Beijing Church Leader Trial Secretly Delayed Twice; Forced Hard Labor in Detention Center Reported

China Aid Association
(Midland, Texas(CAA)-October 27, 2005) Beijing Church Leader Trial Secretly Delayed Twice; Forced Hard Labor in Detention Center
CAA learned that while waiting for a verdict in the trial of Pastor Cai Zhuohua, the leader of six Beijing-area house churches, that it was delayed twice by a Beijing court. (Pastor Cai was arrested on September 11, 2004 at a bus stop, where he was dragged into a van by state security officers.)
On October 25, one of Cai’s defense lawyers, Mr. Zhang Xinshui, was asked to pick up two court notices issued on July 10 and September 22 by the People’s Court of Haidian District, Beijing City. Both notices stated the court’s decision to postpone the trial twice upon request of the People’s Procurator of Haidian District in order to obtain more evidence. When asked by attorney, Zhang Xingshui, why the defense lawyers were not notified about the court decision earlier, the presiding Judge, You Tao, said it was due to careless paper handling by the court. Strangely, the two official court documents which were supposed to have been issued on two different dates were found with the same court file number: (2005) Hai Fa Xing Chu Zi No. 1722. According to both court documents, after receiving requests on July 7 and September 20 from the government prosecutors to delay the trial, the court agreed to a one month extension each on July 10 and September 22 respectively. Cai and his wife, Xiao Yunfei; her brother, Xiao Gaowen and his wife, Hu Jinyun were first tried July 7, 2005 for alleged “illegal business practices.” This case caught international attention and represents the government’s newest tactic to suppress religious freedom in the name of “economic crimes.” All of the defendants in their first trial recanted confessions which were coerced through police abuse and torture.  According to a suspect released from the same detention center Pastor Cai has been forced to work like a slave by peeling approximately 50 pounds of garlic per day. This is in addition to the 300 to 500 yuan per month (about $40-$60 US dollars) his family is required to deposit for Cai’s living expenses at the detention center in Beijing. Legal scholars told CAA that it’s very rare for the prosecutors to initiate a trial delay especially after both the arrest warrants and the indictments were issued and the first trial is finished. This shows that the government has come to the realization that it will be extremely difficult to make a case against Pastor Cai and his family members.  “It was clear from the very beginning that the charges against Pastor Cai were false,” said Bob Fu, President of CAA and a former coworker of Pastor Cai. “Instead of buying more time to avoid embarrassment before President Bush’s visit next month, we urge the Chinese government to release the Cai family immediately.” People of conscience around the world are urged to pray for and protest against the harsh labor treatment of Pastor Cai. Letters and phone calls of protest can be sent to Cai’s detention center and the court: at the following address: Judge You Tao, Telephone number +86-10-62697101People’s Court of HaidianDistrict, Ja No. 8, Nan Dajie, Zhongguancun, Beiijng,PRC 10080

Director of the Detention Center
Mr. Bai Gang
Tel: +86-10-62902266 ext. 3502    Beeper: +86-10-62628566 beeper ext. 5339
Qinghe Detention Center, No. 25,
Longgang Road, Haidian District, Beijing City (zip code: 100085)
010-62902266?3502; BP?626285665339

Journalists are welcome to interview the following legal representatives for this case:
Mr. Gao Zhisheng(???) +86-10-81990759 Email: [email protected]
Mr. Guo Feixiong(???) Cellphone: +86-13552499429 Tel: 10-64118439
Email: [email protected]
Mr. Chen Yongmiao(???) Email: [email protected]
Mr. Wang Yi(??)    Email: [email protected]
Mr. Teng Biao(?? ) [email protected]
Mr. Fan Yafeng(???)  [email protected]
Mr. Zhang Xingshui(???)
Mr. Xu Zhiyong ( ???)
Mr. Jin Xiaoguang( ???) 

Issued by China Aid Association, Inc.October 27, 2005

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