Hong Kong media tycoon arrested!

Jimmy Lai at the Hoover Institute.
(Photo: ChinaAid/Twitter Screenshot)

(Hong Kong—Aug. 10, 2020) Hong Kong police arrested media tycoon Jimmy Lai today on charges of foreign collusion.

Lai is the founder of the Next Digital group. One of the group’s imprints, Apple Daily News, is known for encouraging participation in pro-democracy protests.

On Aug. 10, Lai was arrested, and Next Digital’s headquarters were searched.

Authorities charged Lai with collusion with foreign powers. This form of collusion was criminalized just last month as part of Hong Kong’s new National Security Law.

Later in the day, Hong Kong also arrested pro-democracy activist Agnes Chow.

The arrests came on the heels of China sanctioning U.S. Senators Marco Rubio Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Pat Toomey, Josh Hawley, and U.S. Representative Chris Smith, along with three other Americans. China claims these people behaved poorly “on Hong Kong-related issues.”

Many of the policymakers have said they are not backing down. CNN quoted Cruz spokeswoman Lauren Blair Aronson as saying, China “thinks that it can distract from its crackdown on Hong Kong, including the arrest of freedom fighter Jimmy Lai, by re-announcing sanctions against Sen. Cruz that were not credible to begin with. It won’t work.”


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