CAA: Woman five months' pregnant facing imminent forced abortion in Changsha city, Hunan province

China Aid Association

(Changsha – June 7, 2012) ChinaAid has leaned that a woman five months’ pregnant is facing imminent forced abortion in a hospital in Changsha city, capital of Hunan province.

Ms. Cao Ruyi, 37 years old and five months’ pregnant was dragged by more than a dozen government family planning officials and security guards from her home at 9 am on June 6, 2012, Beijing Time  They accused her of violating China’s “one child ” policy. She and her husband have a daughter who is almost 6 years old.  Ms. Cao is now being held in the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hunan Province. According to her husband, Mr. Li Fu, 38 years old, with whom Bob Fu spoke several times today the officials threaten to abort their baby by force within the next 24-36 hours if he and his wife refuse to sign the consent form for voluntary abortion. Both husband and wife want to keep their baby.

Mr. Li said he was beaten by security officials on the way to the hospital, as his wife was being dragged to there. 

Bob Fu spent one hour talking with the family planning office chief of the  pregnant woman and was trying to persuade her to have mercy. She was very stubborn and told Bob Fu unless the couple pay about US $23,500(RMB150,000) according to the “law” for “social burden” fee, she and her colleagues will “try their best for as long as possible to let her abort the baby voluntarily.”

The phone number of the hospital is +86-731-8433-2238 and address is No. 53 Xiangchun Road, Changsha city, Hunan province.

“Once again we are appalled by this kind of barbaric criminal act against women and children, as exposed to the world by the blind self-taught lawyer Chen Guangcheng who got severe persecution because of that and fled to New York City last month with his family,” said Bob Fu.  ” The whole world should demand the Chinese authorities immediately halt this imminent atrocity and protect this innocent mother and baby from suffering a cruel, forced abortion.”

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