China Plans to Remove Gao Zhisheng from Beijing Soon

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The Epoch Times
(BEIJING—Sep 18, 2007) Sixteen Communist Party cadres barged in the home of Gao Zhisheng, a renowned human rights attorney in China, on the morning of September 16. They didn’t leave until late afternoon of that day. Gao’s wife and children were terrified.
According to an undisclosed source, the Chinese authorities plan to remove Gao Zhisheng from Beijing and keep him away for a long time.
The 16 men came from a “reeducation group” consisted of cadres of the Chinese Communist Party. The purpose of this action was to pressure Gao and especially his family to promise to stop contacting the outside world (Gao frequently writes articles for the media; several have been published by The Epoch Times. ) The undisclosed source has asked us to call for the world to start paying close attention to Gao and his family.
Since early August, there have been 32 policemen maintaining surveillance outside of Gao’s home around the clock. 16 of them riding in four cars are responsible to follow all of Gao’s outings while the other 16 policemen stand guard outside of Gao’s home.

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