ChinaAid denounces the CCP’s rushed, unjustified “fake” trial verdict sentencing Lawyer Zhang Zhan to four years in prison

Symbol of Chinese “justice”?
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(Shanghai—Dec. 28, 2020) On December 28, ChinaAid publicly denounced today’s Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) rushed, unjustified “fake” trial verdict in the Shanghai court, sentencing “Sister/independent citizen journalist/Wuhan virus whistleblower/Lawyer Zhang Zhan” to four years in prison. 

Authorities charged Lawyer Zhang with “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” for her interviews uncovering the truth regarding Covid-19 in Wuhan, the epic center of the CCP virus.

Today’s “trial” lasted only a few hours with the court refusing to present or hear any evidence that her two attorneys Zhang Keke and Ren Quanniu had prepared.

Dr. Bob Fu, founder, and president of ChinaAid said:

Today’s judicial façade fabricates yet another CCP crime in its grand coverup of the origin and spreading of Corvid-19. Instead of arbitrarily sentencing Ms. Zhang Zhan, an innocent Chinese citizen, to four years of torture in prison, the CCP and global community should recognize her as an international hero. Like Dr. Li Wenliang, Lawyer Zhang courageously voiced and published truths about the root of our current world-wide, debilitating pandemic.

Instead of prosecuting Ms. Zhang, the world should hold her persecutors accountable.

ChinaAid will continue to closely monitor this situation as we work tirelessly until we secure Ms. Zhang’s rightful freedom.

Lawyer Zhang: Don’t let China “develop” into another North Korea.
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Lawyer Zhang: The more darkness, the more the need for light; 
the more silence, the more the need to proclaim the truth.
(Photo: ChinaAid)

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