ChinaAid Obtains Police Documents in Xinjiang’s Khotan House Church Case

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(Khotan, Xinjiang—March 11, 2011) ChinaAid has obtained the police paperwork related to the administration detention of a house church leader in the region of Xinjiang in far western China, as well as the documents for the items confiscated by police when they raided the church’s Sunday worship service a week ago.

More than 50 Christians were holding the worship service last Sunday, March 4, in the city of Khotan when it was interrupted by local police and Domestic Security Protection agents, who apprehended the preacher, Zhong Shuguang, in whose home the house church was meeting, and confiscated a laptop and projector being used during the service. (See

On March 9 at about 4 p.m., Zhong received a phone call from Yang Mengqian, of the Khotan Public Security Bureau, instructing Zhong to go to the police department to retrieve the confiscated items. When Zhong and other Christians arrived, although the confiscated items were returned, Zhong was immediately taken into custody and detained. (See

SANY0055[2]Below is a translation of the police document (left) putting him under 15 days of administrative detention, and the paperwork for the confiscated items. Click on the scans to enlarge.

Khotan Municipal Public Security Bureau Administrative Penalty Decision

Person to be punished: Zhong Shuguang, male, born July 25, 1972; resident identity card number 653201197207250510, residing at 604 Tuwanxiaoerbage Village, XiaoerbageTownship, Khotan City; middle school education.

: On March 4, 2012 at 10:50 a.m., when Khotan police officers Yang Xinkang, Wang Gang, He Yongqi, and Yang Mengqian were in the process of a lawful search of the home of Zhong Shuguang, they found that suspect Zhong Shuguang was in his home at 604 Tuwanxiaoerbage Village, XiaoerbageTownship, Khotan City, using a laptop and projector to plan an illegal meeting.

The above facts are substantiated by transcript of interrogation of person to be punished, transcripts of interrogation of witnesses, photos at the scene, etc. In accordance with Article 55 of the Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China, administrative detention for 15 days is hereby ordered.

Enforcement: To be carried out by the Khotan Municipal Public Security Bureau Administrative Detention Center.

If this decision in unacceptable to the person to be punished, within 60 days of the receipt of this written decision, he can apply to the Khotan Prefecture Public Security Bureau or the Khotan Municipal People’s Government for an administrative review or file an administrative lawsuit within three months with the Khotan People’s Court.

Attachment: none

(Seal of the public security organs)
Hotan Municipal Public Security Bureau (Chinese – Uighur)
March 9, 2012
Person to be Punished (Signed): Zhong Shuguang fingerprint

Triplicate: one each to the person to be punished and the enforcement organ, one for the files. The case involves victim(s), and a photocopy will be sent to the victim(s).

Confiscated items that have been returned:
1 Lenovo notebook computer G450
1 Epson EB-X8 projector
1 Bible
1 red cloth in the shape of a cross
1 graduation certificate from the Nanjing (Jinling) Union Theological Seminary

Below are the scans of the list of items confiscated and the list of items returned (click to enlarge):

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