ChinaAid’s Statement Regarding a Training Project in Midland, Texas

July 27, 2010

Initial release by ChinaAid on July 26, 2010.

Midland, Texas — Recently,ChinaAid has received several inquiries from people of various circles, asking if ChinaAid is involved in the training project of “China Concern Center,” a seminar funded by the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, to be conducted in Midland, Texas, from July 26 – August 7, 2010. With regard to these concerns, ChinaAid asserts the following:
1) This association is not involved in this project, nor does it know this project;
2) this association does not know URM (Urban and Rural Mission);
3) this association has no connections with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.
We hereby issue this statement to ensure a correct understanding of the facts, and clarify any remaining questions or concerns. ChinaAid thanks the concerned parties who have contacted us for their letters of inquiries and for seeking clarification on this issue.

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