Chinese House Church Alliance celebrates 9th anniversary

Pastor Zhang Mingxuan attends the Chinese House Church
Alliance’s ninth anniversary celebration in July 2014. (Photo:
China Aid)

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(China—July 9, 2014) The Chinese House Church Alliance celebrated its ninth anniversary last week with more than 50 church pastors and staff members from more than 10 provinces, municipalities and regions in attendance.

The celebration lasted from July 1-6. Pastor Zhang Mingxuan, the Alliance’s president, said that those present communicated with each other at deep levels and expressed their gratitude to the Lord for his guidance.

“The [Chinese] House Church Alliance was founded in the great land of China by God for the purposes of answering the prayers of the churches, promoting integration and letting the Gospel thrive,” Zhang said. “We also aim at helping brothers and sisters who are being persecuted and appealing for the oppressed so that the justice of God can demonstrate itself.”

Zhang said that at the celebration, he recounted both his times of blessings and of tribulations. He said that the Chinese House Church Alliance has emerged from persecution victoriously by relying on the Lord.

Zhang reported that the gathering was filled with joy and laughter, despite cramped quarters and high temperatures. The celebrations also included musical acts by attendees, hymn singing and worship.

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