Christian Leader, Bai Cheng, Detained in Henan Province

China Aid Association
China Aid has recently been informed that a Chinese Christian leader by the name of Bai Cheng, was formally detained at 5pm on January 29 2008 in Luoyang city, Henan province. Mr. Cheng was leading a bible study, at the time of his detention. His sister in law, Cong Weili, received a criminal detention notice issued by the PSB of Luoyang City. The document was signed by two officers Ms. Li Yufang and Mr. Wang Fuyou on the same day. The notice stated that Mr. Bai Cheng was put in criminal detention at Luoyang City Detention Center for his suspected participation in organization activities with an  “evil cult”. The detention has been carried out according to article 61 of China’s Criminal Law. Officials have also confiscated two computers and a car from Mr. Cheng.
Brother Bai Cheng returned to China after studying in the US.
China Aid will continue to monitor the situation. More details soon.
[Click here] to view the official detention notice for Bai Cheng

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