Christian’s case delayed

Christians such as these are commonly
targeted by the Communist Party.
Yunnan—May 15, 2017) Authorities decided to prolong the case of a Christian
woman imprisoned in China’s southwestern Yunnan province, her lawyer recently
told ChinaAid.
month, the local public security bureau submitted so-called “evidence” against
Tu Yan, a 36-year-old Christian who runs a hotel in Dali, Yunnan, to the
procuratorate for a second time, arguing that she participated in a cult
outlawed by the government. When they submitted the case originally, the
procuratorate returned it to them, citing insufficient evidence, and ordered
them to investigate further. Now, the court must elect whether or not to
prosecute the case.
lawyer, Ren Quanniu, told ChinaAid that he received a notice on April 28
stating that the procuratorate is delaying the case by a month and a half, and
that he should know their decision by tomorrow.
On Oct.
23, 2016, Tu was taken into police custody and charged with participating in a religious
sect known as the Three Grades of Servants, which China labels a cult. Tu and
her family have steadily maintained her innocence, saying that she is only a
regular Christian and has never participated in cult activities.
follows cases such as Tu’s in order to expose abuses suffered by Christians and
promote religious freedom, human rights, and rule of law. 

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