Church Construction Obstructed in Menzhou City, Henan Province

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(HENAN – June 18, 2009) House church Christians in Yunshui village, Huagong town, Mengzhou city in Henan have been repeatedly stopped by authorities from building their church building. They sent the following statement to ChinaAid:
There are more than 5,000 residents in Yunshui village, Huagong town, Mengzhou city. Among them, there are more than 700 believers. As the number of believers has increased, the co-workers and believers realized that their current space was insufficient to accommodate them. The co-workers and the believers recognized the need to build a church and began to pray for the Lord to show them the way.
We, Brother Wang, Sister Guo and Sister Li, together with other Christians decided to rent 1.6 mu (0.26 acres) of land.  We signed an agreement with Party A on February 12, 2009 and after signing the agreement, the construction on the groundwork began on February 17. On February 26, when the groundwork was complete, the brigade issued a notice that the construction must stop. On March 5, the Township Land Department and Bureau of Religion issued a second notice to stop the construction. On March 11, Mengzhou Bureau of Homeland Resources issued a notice to stop the construction and imposed a penalty.  This was the third time a notice was issued from the authorities to stop the work. The people from the township government and the village government sent people to the construction site once every hour to try to stop the construction. The construction on the church is partially complete with only the roof remaining to be built. Because of the repeated obstruction by the government , the construction is now completely stopped. We ask Christians all over the world to pray for the agencies in charge of religious affairs of Meng County Government of Henan.
Brother Wang, Sister Guo, and Sister Li
Contact the Chinese authorities and urge them to allow the Christians of Yunshui village to construct their church building. Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong
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