College holds lecture on eradicating religious activity

College students and professors listen
to Zhang Liangming’s lecture.
(Photo: China Aid)

China Aid
Reported in Chinese by a China Aid correspondent. Translated by Carolyn Song.

(Lishui, Zhejiang—Oct. 24, 2016) Since the beginning of this year, the government of Lishui, a city in China’s coastal Zhejiang province, has been removing religious activity from the campus of Lishui Vocational and Technical College, telling college officials to instill atheism into college students, and to exclude theism and various religions.

In September, the government invited the head of the Lishui Municipal Religious Affairs Bureau, Zhang Liangming, to attend a religious counseling session, entitled, “Building a Correct Outlook on Life; Consciously Resisting the Corrosiveness of Religious Ideology and Every Type of Theism.” More than 100 teachers and 400 freshmen from the college attended the lecture, which was divided into six parts: 1. A correct understanding of the nature of religion, 2. The characteristics of religion, 3. A profound analysis of religious problems, 4. Religious work, 5. Religious tasks, and 6. Aspects of Marxist atheism.

China Aid exposes abuses of religious freedom, such as forcing atheistic beliefs on college students, in order to promote freedom of religion in China.

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