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With tips from some people, our bureau has conducted investigations and has confirmed the following facts on Alimujiang Yimiti (male, of Uyghur ethnicity, resident of Hami, Identification card No. 650104197306104712, current general agent of Xinjiang Jiaerhao Foodstuff Company Limited and head of its branch in Kashi). He is in charge of managing the fruit garden funded by the company located at Boyakeqigele Village, Hannanlike Township, Shule County. Since 2002, Alimujiang Yimiti has been engaging in illegal religious infiltration activities in Kashi region in the name of doing company business and preached Christianity among people of Uyghur ethnicity. He distributed religious propaganda materials and converted people to Christianity. His conduct has seriously violated the following laws, statutes, and relevant stipulations:
1.      He violated Article 20 of “Regulations on Religious Affairs” that states “No non-religious bodies or sites not designed for religious activities may organize or hold any religious activities, nor accept any religious donations;” and Article 43 that states “When a non-religious body or a site not designed for religious activities organizes or holds religious activities or accepts religious donations, the department in charge of religious affairs shall order it to discontinue such activities €¦;” and Article 45 that states “When anyone engages in professional religious activities by impersonating religious personnel, the religious affairs department shall order it to discontinue such activities €¦ ;”
2.      He also violated provisions in “Explanations on the Regulations of not Permitting in Principle Christians to Engage in Religious Activities in House Churches” by Central Ministry of United Front ([1984] No. 1166). “No religious organizations or believers may preach religions outside sites designated for religious activities. They may not engage in liaison activities outside their own area.” He violated Article 3 that states “No organizations or individuals may transport, distribute religious publications and religious propaganda materials that have entered China illegally.” Also violated is Article 4 that states: “No organization or individuals may establish Christian seminaries or train missionaries without approvals from agencies in charge of this matter under the people’s government.” He also violated Article 5 that states “They may not establish secret liaison network in China, establish illegal organizations, or develop members.”
3.      He violated “Notice on Strengthening Administration Work on Christianity and Catholicism ([1990] No. 30) by United Front Work Department of Party Committee of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and “Notice on Further Strengthening Administration Work on Christianity and Catholicism in Our Area” forwarded to United Front Work Department of Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and Bureau of Religious Affairs of the Autonomous Region by General Office of Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and General Office of the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region (Xin Dang Ban [1992] No. 42)
Based on the large amount of evidence obtained through the investigation conducted by this bureau, it is now confirmed that Alimujiang Yimiti’s conduct of illegal religious infiltration in Kashi region has seriously violated the laws and statutes of the People’s Republic of China. This notification is hereby delivered: Alimujiang Yimiti must immediately stop the illegal religious activities and receive actions taken by relevant departments.
Person notified: (illegible signature)
Time of notification:  September 24, 2007
Law enforcement officer:  Maimaiti (illegible)
Witness: Zhang Qin

Kashi Municipal Bureau for Ethnic Religious Affairs
September 13, 2007

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