Elderly Christian couple forced to accommodate CCP police officers

Police officers forcibly moving into a home
(Photo: ChinaAid source)

(Chengdu, Sichuan— November 5, 2021) On the evening of November 1,
several police officers visited an elderly Christian couple from Early Rain
Covenant Church and forcibly moved into their house. They did not show any
legal documents or warrants.


The elderly couple tried to accommodate Brother Shen Bing and his
wife, Sister Li Xiaofeng, through legal avenues. Shen and Li recently faced a
second eviction by government officials as they moved back to Chengdu. The
police officers, however, would not allow the couples to live together, so they
forcibly moved in for face-to-face monitoring.


Sister Li Xiaofeng after her release in 2019
(Photo: ChinaAid source)

Brother Shen Bing and his wife, Sister Li Xiaofeng, are members of
Early Rain Covenant Church’s Tashui group. Li worked as the librarian for Early
Rain until her arrest during the 2018 crackdown. Shen became a believer after
the crackdown and served two sentences for his faith. After Li was released on
bail in June of 2019, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) forced the couple to
move to a different city.


They recently moved back to Chengdu and visited Brother Dai
Zhichao’s family on November 1. Dai and his family planned to take a break from
constant harassment and persecution, but authorities detained them in their own home.


At first, several unknown, masked assailants stopped Dai’s family from
leaving. The leader of this group said Early Rain Covenant Church was an
illegal organization. They claimed to have the authority to educate, convert,
and take administrative or even criminal compulsory measures against Dai and
his family. Shen Bing and Li Xiaofeng were taken to the police station for
visiting Dai Zhichao during his in-house detention.


At around 8 PM, police picked up Shen and his wife from Dayi
County Police Department. They were not allowed to go back to their rental home
in Chengdu, forcing them to attempt legal accommodations with the elderly


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