Follow-up, Breaking News: Zhejiang Province Court Sentences “Xiaomai Bookstore” Owner

The verdict by Zhejiang Province Linhai City People’s Court 
(Photo: WeChat) 

Linhai, Zhejiang Province —Oct. 3, 2020) Follow-up News: Zhejiang Province Linhai City People’s Court fines “Xiaomai Bookstore” owner, Zhang Xiaomai, 200,000 yuan ($29,451), and sentenced him to seven years in prison for “illegal business operation.”

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials initially arrested Xiaomai (Chen Yu’s original name), a Christian, in September for operating “Xiaomai Bookstore” online and selling Christian books. The primary business of Xiaomai Bookstore involved purchasing Christian publications overseas. Authorities stated that Xiaomai sold more than 20,000 books to more than 10,000 people for 2,820,000 yuan ($415,262) and published 771 different books abroad. Authorities plan to destroy the 12,864 books they confiscated.

Aligned with the escalated repression of Christianity in China during the past few years, Chinese authorities have tightened their control on Christian books as well as banned many books from being sold.

Based on the shipping receipts found in “Xiaomai Bookstore,” police officers issued a notification demanding that national security guards contact book recipients to collect evidence. Officials have also demanded that customers who purchased Transformation of the Gospel by Pastor Wang Yi return the book. National officials have also directed security guards to question buyers of this book about their experiences from their childhood to adulthood, their family members, their job, reading orientation, and religion. 

Transformation of the Gospel by Pastor Wang Yi. 
(Photo: China Aid) 

~ Yubing, China Aid Association Contributing Reporter

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