Forty Police In Hubei Round Up Christians During Sunday Worship Service

imageChina Aid Association
(Tieshan Village, Hubei province – May 22, 2011) More than forty police disrupted a Sunday worship service and rounded up more than 20 house church Christians in Hubei province, taking two of them away in handcuffs, according to ChinaAid sources.
(This ChinaAid photo, taken with a cellphone camera, shows believers being taken away by police.)
The police action shows that the persecution of Shouwang Church in Beijing is not an isolated incident.
The 1 p.m. raid took place in Tieshan Village, Dianzi Township, Yunxi County. One believer was beaten, and photographs of the beating were taken with a cellphone camera.
The local Christians ask for prayers, seeking God’s blessing on those detained.
The U.S.-based Radio Free Asia, in its report of the Hubei church raid, quoted a Mr. Liu as saying, “More than 40 policemen and village government workers were mobilized for this raid. A person named Wang Xianggui took photographs of the entire incident. When police tried to grab his cellphone, he refused, and the police beat him up for it.”
Liu also said that by 11 p.m., two people had been released, but the remaining 20 were being held in a private home in Dianzi Township where they were being interrogated. One of them, a Christian named Wu Zaishu, has been handcuffed the entire time.

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