Guangzhou Human Rights Activist Protests for Independent Judiciary & Investigation into Death of Christian Political Dissident Li Wangyang

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-23(Guangzhou, Guangdong—July 11, 2012) A human rights activist staged a one-man street protest in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou calling for an independent judiciary and an investigation into the suspicious death of Christian political dissident Li Wangyang.

Sun Desheng took to the streets in Guangzhou’s Tianhe Gangding at 5:30 p.m. and raised a placard that read on one side: “Thoroughly investigate the truth of Li Wangyang’s death”;  the other side read: “Abolish the Politics and Law Committee; Give Us an Independent Judiciary.”

(Photos show Guangzhou human rights activist Sun Desheng holding up sign calling for an independent judiciary and an investigation into the death of Li Wangyang)


Standing where there used to be a small wooden bridge by the Express News’ new
building in Gangding, Sun held the placard aloft for passersby to see.  Then, seeing that there weren’t many people, he went to the Shipaiqiao subway stop where he and friends have staged numerous protests in the past because of the large numbers of people. Two cops walking their beat watched for a bit and then walked away.

Sun displayed his placard near the Shipaiqiao subway exit, then stood right in front of the exit with his placard raised. After about 10-15 minutes, Sun  had accomplished his plans for the protest and put the placard away and left.

Sun Desheng’s resume:

Sun Desheng, well-known human rights activist in Guangzhou, engages in non-violent civil disobedience

Household registration address: Group 12, Juzilin village, Qingshi town, Qichun county, Hubei province   

ID card number: 421126198112046017. Currently residing in Guangzhou.

Sun Desheng’s father died when he was a youth, and he has a middle school education. He enlisted in the army in December 1999 and served in the 94159 Unit in the Lanzhou Military Region. He left the army in December 2001. While in the army, he was exposed to the corruption and darkness of the military, but because of general atmosphere of oppression, he did not dare to fight it. When he left the army, he was ravaged in heart and mind, only through hard study of literary masterpieces was he able to begin to heal.

In 2008, he discovered the Internet, which opened up his horizons. He became determined to resist abuses of power. During the Oct. 1 National Day period, he was summoned by the Domestic Security Protection Department in Kunshan, Jiangsu province. Later, on many occasions, he used the Internet to protest discrimination based on household registration and to promote an equal rights movement.

In December 2010, he moved to Guangzhou to follow lawyer Tang Jingling in launching a non-violent, civil disobedience movement. During the 2011 Jasmine Spring period, he was criminally detained for a month. Later, he was held along with Tang Jingling, Yuan Xinting, Ye Du, and Liu Shihui in Guangzhou’s Panyu Dashi police training center. He was deprived of his freedom for a total of 133 days. At around the same time, his name, along with Yuan Xinting, Tang Jingling, Liu Shihui,  Ai Xiaoming, and other Guangzhou activists, was listed in the China section of the United States’ 2011 annual human rights country report

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