VIDEO: Government forcefully removes villagers defending village school

China Aid Association
September 11, 2013

On Sept. 9, government officials mobilized army police to remove villagers who were protesting the forced demolition of a village primary school in Baihe, Guangxi Province.

Villagers gathered around the school to protest the government’s lack of response to their demands. When government officials learned of the gathering, they ordered dozens of army police to be dispatched. The video below shows the police, armed with batons and shields, rush the villagers. Many villagers were beaten and left bleeding while others were detained.

The school was built in 1975 by villagers from the villages of Tao, Laozhong, and Laosheping in Baihe. Beginning this year, the local government ordered that students be moved from the village school to a public school. This began a series of conflicts between the villagers and the government.

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