Henan authorities demolish a house church, spread fake suicide story


(Henan, China—July 23, 2019) A Christian was beaten by more than 10 people and the tendon in his hand was cut because he tried to stop the Henan Province Zhengzhou City authorities from forcibly demolishing a house church.

After, the Christian was rushed to the hospital ER, authorities lied to the public that the Christian attempted to kill himself in order to stop demolition. The Christian blasted authorities over their lie after awakening. He claimed the government told this story as part of efforts to reduce responsibility. 
The church which was forcibly demolished is a house church located in West Sanhuan, Zhengzhou, Henan province. The incident happened on July 12, at 11:30 pm. The church was suddenly surrounded by over 100 people. At that moment, there was only one Christian and his wife who were in the church. In negotiation with demolition personnel, the Christian was rushed to a hospital ER.

According to news from the site, the Christian intended to kill himself while keeping authorities from forcibly demolishing the building. Three tendons in his left wrist were cut off, he passed out because of bleeding and was rushed to the Zhengzhou Municipal Center Hospital ER. 

A local Christian brother who knows details about the incident says local government must say that “he killed himself” in order to reduce their responsibilities. 

The injured Christian survived after receiving medical treatment at the hospital. When he awoke, he denied that he intended to kill himself. 
According to him, that evening he wanted to enter the church, but was dragged by over 10 people and got beaten, later he felt pain in his left hand and passed out and found himself in the hospital after awakening.

Currently the church located at West Sanhuan, Zhengzhou has been demolished. Members of the church just saved a small portion of furniture and possessions. The rest is buried inside.
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