Henan Christian Brother Bai Cheng and his Coworker Sister Zhang Yu Released

China Aid Association
(Henan-March 7, 2008) CAA has learned that House Church leader Bai Cheng and his coworker sister Zhang Yu were released from his detention at 10pm, March, 6 (Beijing Time). Both of them were detained on January 29 th when they led a Bible study with a group of young people. They were accused as ‘suspects of Evil Cult the Shouter Group” members.Mr. Bai Cheng and sister Zhang Yu were released when prosecutors determined there was insufficient evidence to convict them of the charge of “evil cult membership”. The Chinese government designated the Shouter Group as one of the 14 national “Evil Cults”. International attention brought to the case as well as legal funding by CAA played a major role in the Government’s decision to release the two Christians. Bai Cheng received his higher education in 1990s in the United States and was on the process to receive his permenant US resident status before his detention.
Both of the released Christians are afely at home and in good condition. They ask CAA to thank the help and effort from the international community.
“We welcome the release of these two innocent house church Christian leaders,” said Bob Fu, “We hope the sincere prayers for Beijing Olympics by millions of Christians in China and abroad can enable the Chinese government to realize the House Church Christians are not a threat to the stability of Chinese society but a positive force for love and justice.”
Issued by CAA on March 7, 2008

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