Henan landlord arrested for renting to three Uyghurs

A Kazakh Chinese girl speaks out on
behalf of her father, who is imprisoned
in China as part of a crackdown on
traditionally Muslim ethnic minorities.
(Photo: ChinaAid)


(Zhenping, Henan—Aug. 18, 2018) A Chinese landlord who rented out his home to three Uyghur bread-sellers without obtaining government permission is now in custody, according to Radio Free Asia.

In a notice cited in Radio Free Asia’s report, the authorities said they arrested the man because he was found to have trespassed Article 91 of the nation’s counter-terrorism law by allowing Jinishahan Haliq, Tursun Zayit, and Wali Mljit—three Uyghurs from China’s northwestern Xinjiang—to live in his home without first seeking official permittance. However, in a subsequent phone conversation, a police officer told Radio Free Asia that the Uyghurs weren’t arrested.

The Uyghurs have also have no known terrorist connections, and, according to Radio Free Asia, China’s counter-terrorism law does not forbid renting to Uyghurs.

This is part of an ongoing attempt to crackdown on predominantly Muslim ethnic minorities, such as the Uyghurs. Most of the persecution is concentrated in Xinjiang, where people are routinely arrested and placed in “re-education camps,” or prisons where brainwashing, torture, and starvation are common practices. Officially, China claims this is to curb extremism, but those behind bars have been placed in custody for actions as minor as contacting loved ones in another country, asking if food is halal, or discussing plans to emigrate.

ChinaAid exposes these abuses, openly condemns China’s treatment of its ethnic minorities, and strongly urges the international community to intervene in order to protect religious freedom, human rights, and rule of law.

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