House Churches of Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang Attacked, 12 People Detained for One Day; Bibles and C

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Photo:  1) Summon document issued by Public Security Bureau to Guo Jingtian
2) List of Confiscation of Bibles

Inner Mongolia- CAA has learned that at 7 o’clock on May 1, 2008, 4 people from the Arong Qi Security and Religious Affairs Bureau, detained two house church ministers; Sun Chuan Min (27 years-old, from Gan He town, Inner Mongolia) and Sun Shi Ying (24 years-old, from Liu He village) Both were taken to the local police station. Security officials also confiscated a video camera, books, a washing machine, comforters, and food supplies belonging to the Daqing Church. All of the aforementioned items were taken without proper and legal documentation.
On May 4, 66 year-old Guo Jingtian, pastor of Arong Zhen Ge Er church of Yadong town, Inner Mongolia, was summoned to the Local Security Bureau and charged with holding an “illegal religious meeting”. Security officials have sealed the church and prohibited the building to be used for meetings.
In yet another organized attack by Public Security Officials, a church meeting was raided by members of the Security Bureau and Officials from the Religious Affairs Bureau. Thirteen believers were arrested and detained from 8pm to 5am next day. All bibles and kitchen utensils were confiscated without proper documentation. The believers were also threatened by the police officials.
Xinjiang- CAA has also learned that 10 people were arrested on April 23, 2008 during a House Church Worship Service. Officials illegally confiscated Bibles and Hymn books from the members. Fortunately, all 10 believers were released the same day. According to sources, the Security Officials responsible for the detainment are:
Li Gang- Captain of the National Security Group (Police ID number 062142), Huocheng city, Xinjiang Province
Li Jinliang- Police Official of Qing Shui He (Police ID number 062296).

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Issued by CAA May 6, 2008

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