Human rights lawyer’s case goes to procuratorate for review


(Nanning, Guangxi—Aug. 22, 2019) The case of a human rights lawyer China’s southern Guangxi region was handed over to the procuratorate for review and prosecution on Aug. 1.

Despite this advancement in the case, the attorney, Chen Jiahong, has not been allowed to meet with his legal representation, with officials denying his representative’s applications to visit him. Last week, Chen’s lawyer applied to access his files, and the procuratorate said they would respond the next day. ChinaAid was not able to verify whether or not the attempt was successful.

According to Chen’s lawyer, another attorney from Guangxi was sent to meet Chen.

On April 29, local police seized Chen at his home and inspected the residence, confiscating some political artwork and credit and debit cards.

In addition, Wang Mo, an activist who was placed under criminal detention on May 14 for raising funds for Chen’s lawyer fees. After Wang’s brother received threats from the authorities, Wang’s father decided to compromise with them and hire a lawyer approved of by the state.

During his detention, Wang has been beaten, and Peng Yonghe, a human rights lawyer from Shanghai, was attacked by unidentified individuals after meeting with Wang.

A month prior to his most recent imprisonment, Wang was released from a four-and-a-half-year prison sentence for holding a banner supporting Hong Kong’s Occupy Central movement.

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