Hundreds trapped in Hong Kong university

A protester holds a sign showing supporting Hong Kong rights
in this undated photo. (Photo: ChinaAid)

(Hong Kong—Nov. 18, 2019) After a long battle with authorities, trapped students sought to flee Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Monday. However, officials refuse to grant them a way out.

The students held the police at bay for a week, using slingshots, makeshift firebombs, and bows and arrows, according to the New York Times.

When resources dwindled, the students started to flee the campus on Monday, only to discover heavily armed riot police and cordons at each exit. The authorities demanded they lay down their weapons and all exit through one specified area. Many fear that arrest awaits them on the other side.

An attempt to rush one of the cordons was unsuccessful.

As such, many are trapped on the campus, and hundreds attended a sit-in near the cordon. The students’ parents gathered outside the university, hoping to check on their children.

At least 38 people sustained wounds in the Polytechnic University clash, Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority stated. ChinaAid has been unable to verify this number.

This is just the latest in the ongoing fight for Hong Kong’s campuses. Last week, the officials stormed The Chinese University of Hong Kong, resulting in the injury of at least 60 people.

In both cases, the students were part of continuing protests sparked by the introduction of a bill earlier this year. The bill would have allowed China to bring criminally charged Hong Kong residents to the mainland for trial. The Chinese government has been known to target rights activists and religious people.

This stirred fear that Hong Kong locals might also be subjected to the same treatment, and millions took to the streets.

The bill was dropped earlier this year, but Hong Kong’s people are still protesting. They are demanding the resignation of key officials who worked on the bill, the release of arrested protesters, and an investigation into police violence, among other things.

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