Identity of Policemen Who Attacked Human Rights Lawyer Xie Yanyi Confirmed ChinaAid

November 2, 2010

BEIJING — Dr. Fan Yafeng has confirmed the identity of the policemen who physically attacked human rights lawyer Xie Yanyi on October 30th.

News from China Citizen Human Rights Defense Alliance (
The officers from Beijing Shuangyushu Police Station were Zhang Jiabin, commissar; Police ID 035981, and  Guo Wanqing,  policeman; police ID 036817. Two or three unidentified plainclothes policemen were also involved in the attack.

The physical address of the Beijing Shuangyushu Police Station:
30 Shuangyushu Xi Li
Haidian District
Beijing, China 100086Phone: +86 010 6256 1316

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