In Creative Twist, Supporters of Blind Legal Activist Chen Guangcheng Protest Using Stickers & Google Maps

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(Beijing—March 27, 2012) In a new and creative twist, supporters of blind human rights activist Chen Guangcheng are protesting the government’s brutal treatment of him using stickers for cars and Google Maps.

7122a70btw1drciu86hq9jThe brainchild of netizen Pearl Her, the stickers show a stylized graphic of Chen’s face with his signature sunglasses. (see photos left; bottom photo shows the sticker on the door to shop; double-click to enlarge)

The graphic is modeled after the logo for Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants (below), which was the first major U.S. fast food chain to open in China and which is well-known across the country.

Pearl, who is one of the participants in the online “Operation Free Chen Guangcheng,” reportedly had 3000 of the stickers produced and has asked Chen’s supporters to put them on their cars. She has set up a page on Google Maps for the “FREE CGC car stickers club” and asked those who have put the sticker on their cars to indicate their locations on the map.

Below is a screenshot of the map on Tuesday morning, March 27, showing more than 200 cars with the CGC stickers. 9(double click to enlarge)

To see the latest results, go to 

Chen was imprisoned for four years and three months for exposing the violent measures used to enforce China’s one-child policy, including forced abortions and involuntary sterilizations that in his county alone in 2005 numbered 130,000.
Since his release from prison in Sept. 2010, Chen has been kept under illegal house arrest, denied medical treatment for serious intestinal problems and deprived of all contact with the outside world. 

At least three times between February and July 2011, Chen and his wife endured brutal beatings, the first after after they had smuggled out a videotape documenting the shocking conditions of their illegal house arrest following Chen’s release from prison. 

Reporters and supporters, including American movie star Christian Bale, who have tried to visit Chen have been roughed up and turned away.

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