Insufficient Evidence for Pastor Lou Yuanqi's Case, Yet Authorities Continue to Keep Him in Prison

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Pastor Lou Yuanqi

March 6, 2009) ChinaAid just learned that Pastor Lou Yuanqi of Uygur Autonomous Region received a verdict of insufficient evidence and his case was sent back to the Public Security Bureau (PSB) by the prosecutor. The court indicated that the facts used in the case were not clear, the evidence insufficient. During the trial, the prosecutor requested that the prosecution be cancelled due to “changes in facts and evidence.” Despite this ruling, Pastor Lou continues to be imprisoned.
Pastor Lou stood trial on December 15, 2008 on charges of “utilizing superstition to undermine the law.” Sources say the real reason for the charge was to stop Lou’s house church from meeting in his home. After Lou’s trial, his daughter Lou Tiantian, 18, was beaten by court police when she tried to speak with her father as he was being put into a police car. Lou Tiantian was taken to the hospital where she received medical treatment, then was released the same night.
During Lou’s trial, the presiding judge acknowledged the persecution in Xinjiang. However, witnesses reported that the judge stated, “‘If the Christians have more religious freedom in areas outside Xinjiang, they should consider leaving Xinjiang because Xinjiang is special.”
Pastor Lou was first detained on May 17, 2008 at 1 p.m. in Qingshuihe town, Huocheng county of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. At 11:30 p.m. the same day, Pastor Lou was transferred to Huocheng County Detention Center. Pastor Lou’s suffers from hepatitis B and the harsh prison conditions worsen his health.
Pastor Lou’s wife, Wang Wenxiu, his children and church continue to meet despite Pastor Lou’s imprisonment. When told that Christians around the world were praying for their family, Wang asked friends to pass on this message to the international community: “Please thank them for us because this [imprisonment of Pastor Lou] is God’s best will. It is His promise. It is the grace of the Lord. How could we be worthy of awakening so many brothers and sisters’ prayers for us? The Cross of Jesus encourages us to move forward. I am very joyful and full of gratitude for all of the prayer support. “
Write an encouraging letter to Pastor Lou Yuanqi in prison:Pastor Lou Yuanqi, Huocheng County Detention Center, Yili City, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China
Communicate your concern to the Chinese government on Pastor Lou’s behalf:Cell phone numbers in Huocheng PSB office?
Director of Police: Mr. Wang Keqiang +86- 13909999156
Director of Domestic Security Protection? Mr. Di Li Xia Ti +86-13519980871
Deputy Director of Domestic Security Protection: Mr. Li Gang +86-15894-181-855 or +86-13899703878
Director of Detention Center: Mr. Jiao Feng +86-13909991370
Deputy Director of Detention Center: Mr. Sun Baoliang +86-13031375159

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Tel: +86-10-65205114
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Address: No. 10, Nan Da Jie, Chaoyangmen, Beijing City (Zip Code: 100020)

Read the Court Decision Paper for Pastor Lou Yuanqi.
View video taken when Lou Yuanqi’s daughter, Liu Tian Tian, was beaten at the courthouse on YouTube at

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