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(BEIJING — October 21, 2008) Zhang Jian, the oldest son of Pastor “Bike” Zhang Mingxuan, was severely beaten with iron bars at his mother’s home for 25 minutes by 15 Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers on October 16, 2008. ChinaAid staff spoke with Zhang Jian on October 17 at 7:43 a.m. U.S. Central time.
Zhang Jian: My mom called me back to her apartment at the Olympic Garden at around noon on October 16. She said the plainclothes PSB [Public Security Bureau] officers, along with hired thugs, broke into her apartment and started throwing out all of the items out on the street after she was ordered to move all of stuff within an hour. When I got there, I saw my mom lying on the ground being knocked down by these thugs who were led by a man who claimed to be the cousin of the property owner with whom my parents had signed two-year rental contract less than a month ago. My younger brother Zhang Chuang was badly beaten up already with his mouth swollen bleeding. I asked, “How can you guys throw other people’s private items on the street?” I tried to use my body to protect my mom from being hurt by them. Then this group of 15 officers and thugs immediately surrounded me and started beating my head and body with iron bars and said, “You are the one. We need to teach you a lesson as troublemaker.” I was very angry and upset in the beginning. How could this happen in the day time? My parents do not deserve to be treated like this just simply being preachers of the gospel. My blood ran over from upstairs to the downstairs until I lost consciousness.
ChinaAid: What was your reaction after when you were beaten?
Zhang Jian: I could not believe human beings could be so evil. Where is law, where is justice? I was crying out to the Lord. I felt I was dying and told the Lord, “Lord, please take my life as a martyr. Maybe this is the only way to awaken the conscience of the world and for the Chinese to open their eyes to see clearly that this is the religious freedom in China. I would like to die if my life could be used as a wakeup call and could help Chinese brothers and sister further more freedom to worship the Lord freely–to demonstrate the darkness here in China.”
ChinaAid: What did you think first when you when you arrived at the scene realized you were in danger?
Zhang Jian: Praise and thank the Lord. I think at that moment I can rely nothing but the Lord. I really did not expect they will do such an evil against me and my family.”

ChinaAid: What do you want to say to the people all over the world praying for you and your family?
Zhang Jian: From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you, Brother Fu and many others. I pray you may get comfort from heavenly Lord. Actually I felt we did not do any greater, more worthy things to be persecuted for the Lord. May the Lord in heaven reward you for your prayer and other support to our family and the Chinese suffering Church.
ChinaAid: What happened to your brother after he was beaten up?
Zhang Chuang (Zhang Jian’s younger brother): I saw he lost consciousness and called 110 [similar to calling 911 in the U.S.]. But the police arrived after more than one hour, even though the PSB office is less 1000 meters away from my parents’ apartment. [Note: Chinese law requires the police to arrive within 10 minutes after calling the 110.] Ironically seeing the police arrive, one of the guys who beat up my brother pretended to fall down, claiming he was beaten up by my brother Zhang Jian. Then the police even called in the ambulance to help that guy who was not hurt or wounded at all. But the ambulance refused to come to rescue my brother whose clothes were soaked with his blood all over after our repeated plea to 110. How could he or how dare he fight back when surrounded by 15 strong guys with iron bars? It’s very evil and is a joke to claim he could beat others at that time.
ChinaAid: How are your injuries?
Zhang Jian: The doctor wanted me to have surgery but the hospital cannot do it and it requires lots of money. The PSB officers came to the hospital and recorded my testimony and I signed the record. I want to see some justice to be done and I want my father to be back home. Where can we find a place to stay? No one in Beijing is able to host us. Pray for us, especially for my mom. She is exhausted.”
View photos of Zhang Jian and the scene of the attack.
Write to the Chinese Embassy to voice your concern over violent police assault on Zhang Jian and the persecution of his family:
Chinese Embassy in Washington DC
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Fax: (202) 588-9760

ChinaAid is standing with Zhang Jian and will help the family with medical expenses, legal help and other needs. Find out how you can help Zhang Jian and others like him. CLICK HERE
Issued by CAA, October 21, 2008

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