A Letter from Leaders of SCC to US Congress

China Aid Association
Respected Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are the believers of Southern China Church. Here we are showing our respects to you. May justice, love, and peace be always with you forever. Amen!
Our church is a family church in the middle of china. We are engaged in evangelistic work widely in more than ten cities and provinces, and establishing churches there. Every believer is faithful, pure and insistent in their belief, follows the principles of Bible strictly when they get along with others. Every one is patriotic and abiding by the law. They pay tax payments in money and grains, get along with their neighbors very well, and always pray for our country so that God may bless our country to be a civilized, prosperous, peaceful and Christian one. However, has anybody ever thought of or can anybody think of the miserable treatment the Christianity and its believers have endured in such a so called legal, civilized country with the freedom of religion? Especially, the Chinese family churches grow up in the sorrows and tears, blood and fire. To everybody’s amazement, the case of the SCC which shocked the world happened in this so called highly civilized, administrated by law, democratic China today which is also said to have the freedom of religion. A large number of believers were fined, arrested, and sentenced, and their possessions were taken by the government with the charge of “breaking the law with the practice of heuristic organization”. The believers who were arrested were unquestioned by torture, extorted a confession, and insulted which resulted in the disability and death of our brothers and sisters. The means were so horrible and heart breaking that one could hardly bear to look at. For example, our sister Yu Zhongju was beaten to death because she refused to make false testimony in the police station in Zhong Xiang city in Hu Bei province; Our sister Wang Yanli was tortured to be disable and until now it is still inconvenient for her to walk. Our brother Chen Jingmao was beaten to be critically ill by the policemen just because he tells Gospels in jail. Our brother Yi Chuanfu who was sentenced ten years in prison is still disable with pains and wounds all over his body, and is living on with medicines. This kind of examples is unaccountable. What’s more, our dear teacher Gong Dali(Christian name Gong Shengliang) who is deeply loved by thousands of believers was sentenced to death even before he was arrest. They determined to kill him as he was forced to wear the instruments of torture for the convict who was sentenced to death for 411 days. The local court of Hu Bei made up many kinds of charges, such as organizing, using Heresy, injuring others deliberately, and rape and so on. Together with him, his students Xu Fuming, Hu Yong, Li Ying, Gong Bangkun were also sentenced to death. However later with the efforts of the international public criticism as well as your appeal and help, the Chinese government still ignored the law, changed their sentence to life imprisonment and sent them to serve in Jing Zhou prison. Although they did not mention the charge of Heresy in the court publicly, they treated our brothers as the those Heresy believers, which means that they are given double special “care” with two prisoners to follow and supervise each of them all the time to control their behaviors, report them to the officers and even not allow them to go to the public latrines which are only one steps away. The visits from families and relatives are in the same situation. They are in the same prison, are the same prisoners, why should our teacher Gong serve in the prison’s prison? What is more shocking is that, last summer the officer in the prison asked other prisoners to beat our dear teacher, which resulted in his incontinence offices and urine, blooding and one ear deaf. At the request of our teacher Gong and his families, as well as with the help from the friends all over the world, he was transferred to “Hong Shan Jail in Wuhan”. But he still suffers from the same treatment, is still followed, reported, and supervised! Since arrested, teacher Gong suffered from all kinds of cruel tortures both mentally and physically. As a result, he is burdened with diseases all over his body. For example, he still has difficulties in walking as his legs are still numb because of wearing the instruments of torture. According to the regulations of the jail, every prisoner has the right of “having dinner with his families”, “staying with his families all night”. However all these rights have nothing to do with teacher Gong. Special people and prisoners are sent to control teacher Gong’s Bible reading and praying strictly, and announced publicly that” One are only allowed to believe his religion in his heart, not do it with his behaviors” In this way, a Christian is deprived of his basic rights. In our opinion, this is great discrimination and infringement to the belief of a Christian.

April 11th, 2004, teacher Gong who is over his fifties was asked by the officers to clean the windows of the dinning hall without any protection. This resulted in his falling from the window and disability of walking for many days. Even until his family visited him, he hadn’t received any treat yet and was carried out but others. When his family asked about the reasons, the officer said:” It was because he lost his mind in reading Bible, and was so absent-minded that he fell off from the windows.” What puzzled us is that teacher Gong has bee年 reading Bible all his life, and did not lost his mind before. How could it happen to his this time? We just could not help having doubts on our government with this kind of answers. Why he was put into prison? Reforming him through labor or release their hate on Christianity?
Respected ladies, gentlemen, and friends! The leader of South China Church, Gong Shengliang is still suffering from the tortures as the “head of Heresy”, and was deprived of the basic rights as a prisoner. Although teacher Gong Shenglian considers it as an honor to suffer or even die for God, he expects Christianity to be protected by law in China even at the cost of himself and his church. But our teacher Gong is burdened with pressure and worry all the day which is beyond the limits of a normal person. Under such huge pressure everyday, his safety both mental and physical can not be guaranteed. Now he is still seriously ill with difficulties in moving. Without immediate and effective treat, he will not only be permanently disabled but also in the danger of losing his life. As for this, as a Chinese Christian, I feel greatly distressed and sorry for our government ignoring the belief of a Christian and the right of a prisoner in such a way!
So we, all the Christians from South China Church, are here appealing to the UNCHR for all of these below:       

    3 Asking the Chinese Government to perform her international duty, obey the international criterions, especially the regulations and duties from the “Declaration of Human Rights of the world “and “The United Nation Charter “;
    5 Asking the Chinese government to respect the belief of every citizen, and especially eliminating the discrimination and prejudice to the Christianity;
    11 Asking the Chinese government to pay careful attention to the case of South China Church, give back its true face, cancel the charge on it as Heresy, and protect its right of believing legally.
    13 Appealing  the Chinese Communist Party and government to cancel  its charge on Christianity  and its organizations as Heresy in China, and entitle the Chinese Christians their legally proper positions and freedom of religion.
    15 We sincerely hope that Chinese government can allow the UN, UNCHR, commissioners from US congress to do some research on the situations of Chinese Christian in jails and that of the Christians in local Christian churches.
    17 Appealing the Chinese government to release the leader of South China Church —Gong Shengliang and other followers who are  also in jail;
    19 Appealing the Chinese government to place the investigation on the case that our sister YU Zhongju from SCC was beaten to death in the police station in Zhong Xiang, HuBei Province, and affix the legal liability of those who are concerned.
               The main elders and part of the believers from SCC
                                          July 1st 2004
Enclosed the signatures of the major elders and part of the believers:
Xu Fangzheng   Li Yuanzhen   Li Liangxiu   Sun Liangkun   Zhou Guilan   Zhou Jiaozhen   Wang Yali   Gong Xianqun   Kong Xiangying   Liu Jaozhen   Cao Meigui   Zhang Xiluo   Huang Tongfu   Xue Tongjian   Yi Tongchuang   Chen Tongyin   Sun Tongzu   Wu  Renai   Wang Ensheng   He Lifang   Xie Junxiang   Wang Tongpo   Shen Youlian   Zhang Chuanxi   Peng Taozhi   Zhao Xiaorong   Du Pingxun   Liu Lejuan   Gu Shunfu   Chi Tongyuan   Chen Linglan   Li Tongbai   Song Tonghu   Guo Tongyi   Yang Shanqing   Li Yong   Zhang Shuiying   Li Jinrong   Luo Guohui   Li Zhuanyun   Jia Junxiang   Shen Zhaoxian   Zhao Lanying   Zhang Caixia   Peng Xiangzhi   Zeng Qingzhi   Li Guoqiang   Xie Tongjian   Li Tongju   Li Chunjing   Wang Dayu   Ma Xinling   Yuan Guiqing   Zai Yuying   Zhang Xiuying   Zhang Zaiyong   Zhang Zaihua   Zheng Fu   Cao Hai   Gao Xianhua   Liu Yun   Xie Xiuling   Gu Tonghei   Du Tongju   Zhu Ying   Zhang Huanfu   Li Tongyin   Kong Tongchi   Sun Xiufen   Li Hua   He Bingquan   Gong Zhitao   Gong Zhiling   Gao Hua   An Yuzhen   Wang Zhaozhi   Qiu Tongnan   Zuo Tongzhou   Li Xiulan   Wang Xiaohong   Feng Jingtao   Yuan Suofang   Wei Runping   He Tongbei   Yuan Tongmu   Xu Guihua   Yue Xiuying   Zhang Fuyin   Li Ailian   Yuan Zuoshi   Zhang Jinfeng   Zhou Jinmei   Nie Gaifeng   Meng Sanmei   Kong Xuefeng   Gao Xiuyun   Tian Tongxi   Li Tongbian   Wang Xueqin   Diao Ying   Wang Quanzhi   Xu Guizhong   Guo Wanhe   Guo Yuhe   Geng Jianqing   Guo Kaili   Ma Qianglin   Zhao Lihua   An Sannv   Zhang Sannv   Zhang Linlin   Cao Lianlian   Wang Junxiang   Zhang Lingling   Zhang Xinkao   Peng Tongke   Wang Junlian   Gan Tongyan   Yue Li   Li Bo   Zhao Xiaomei   Guo Dongsheng   Zhao Benlin   Chu Delan   Wang Yunhua   Pang Tongfeng   Wen Cuiying   Zhao Guiying   Chai Shenghua   Chai Youying   Ma Cuisheng   Zhou Tonggeng   Chen Tongcu   Xiao Tongzang   Zhao Wangyue   Chen Hailian   Qian Tongqian   Pang Fuping   Li Aitao   Zhang Chunlan   Zhang Congzhi   Liu Shilai   Dai Yuxiang   Zhao Liqin   Zuo Jun   Kong Xueshan   Chen Yulian   Nie Hongxia   Zhang Youbian   Zhang Zheng   Wang Yanmei   Liu Xiuhua   Lv Baowen   Xin Xianglan   Sun Xiaonv   Zhang Qin   Yi Tongjiao   Gong Shuzhen   Chen Yuzhi   Wang Huanxiang   Li Tongjian   Xiong Jianhua   Zhao Xiuxiang   Chen Tongkun   Zhou Yimin   Du Junxia   Zuo Guiying   He Wangxiang   Zhang Tianming   Wang Tongyuan   Zhao Tongni   Yang Tongjiang   Xiang Fenglian   Zhang Shuangya   Li Muya   Wang Tongsui   Du Tongming   Zhang Wangxiang   He Sihai   Shao Qunwa   Shao Aihua   Wang Jianguo   Cao Tongji   Zhang Huaping   Li Yaoxiang   Jia Tongrong   Gong Jinpeng   Wang Lingyang   Wu Peng   Liu Tongrong   Zhong Huoqiao   Yan Yongjun   Yan Zhaoming   Lan Tongmo   Li Dazhi   Zhang Tongyi   Xu Tongqie   Li Dongzhi   Wang Xiaofang   Xu Tonghu   Zhou Daping   Gong Tongguo   Zhong Xingguo   Liu Tongyin   Lian Tonggui   He Juping   Tao Fang   Liu Tonggu   Ye Dongping   Ye Dongwen   Luo Tongniu   Li Sanqiang   Zhai Sanxun   Zhang Tongliao   Li Cuie   Yu Xingchun   Yu Wangping   Li Chunzhi   Qi Guoping   Qi Guofang   Qi Fangxiu   Chi Rufang   Zeng Xiaohong   Lei Geng   Qi Cuiping   Wang Aimu   Cheng Tongfu   Wen Xinyue   Xue Mingyue   Cao Gongzhong   Cao Hongqin   Fu Yulan   Xu Yunlan   Liu Xiulan   Sun Zixiu   Gao Yufang   Wang Maosheng   Wang Cuifang   Wang Maohua   Ma Keqin   Hu Zhengying   Wu Fang   Gao Tongding   Ma Yuqin   Cao Tongchou   Yang Tongdiao   Hu Dasong   Xiao Daiying   Fu Shijun   Fu Rao   Fu Rong   Wang Cuilan   Zhou Yufang   Wu Yufeng   Deng Xiuying   Yang Yumei   Zhang Wenlian   Wang Tongyuan   Chen Tongbei   Liu Xin   Wei Kaiqin   Chen Xianzhi   Dong Tongzuan   He Tongxun   Dong Bing   Chen Wangwang   Li Wenxiu   Zhou Meihua   Zhang Xianzhi   Zhou Senlin   Huang Yufeng   Tie Sunying   Lu Sunying   Zhao Tianying   Zou Sunfeng   Yang Jincui   Liu Congyin   Li Guiying   Chen Zhengyan   Chen Zhengxiong   Jin Tongyan   Tong Jie   Tong Kun   Li Yufang   Mei Daozhen   Xie Tonghuo   Zhu Anhua   Xu Tongzhuan   Zhang Tongqing   Huang Tonghen   Gong Shuzhen   Cui Yufu   Cui Daqian   Yu Peijun   Xia Aijiao   Cui Tonghuan   Yan Cuifang   Zhao Kerong   Liu Zhonglian   Wang Xuefeng   He Guo   Yang Yufeng   Lan Xiaojun   Huang Haiyin   Hu Zhengfeng   Yi Tongshou   Tang Lianji   Jia Tongdiao   Zhu Zhengmei   Yan Aijun   Xu Tonggeng   Zhang Lanlan   Bao Chufang   Yu Zhonghua   Xu Naicheng   Cai Guilan   Long Feng   Ou Bing   Gao Yongjun   Shi Junjie   Shi Renjian   Wang Tongqi   Qu Tongchu   Ling Tongbu   Zhu Tongmu   Lu San   Gan Tongbian   Chen Gongqing   Wang Tongyuan   Qiao Tongru   Shen Tongbo   Li Tongjian   Chen Tongbian   Meng Tongken   Chang Xining   Yang Wangna   Liu Wangjuan   Juan Ai   Cao Tongxiang   Cao Tongchen   Gao Tongsuo   Zhou Tongguo   Tian Tongqi   Wu Tongdi   Li Duojia   Pu Tongdong  Zhang Shumei   Hu Guifang   Gong Panyue   Chen Wenzhen   Zhang Tonglan   Du Tongjiu   Du Xin   Zhou Wenjie   Leng Yuqin   Zhou Guizhi   Cai Detang   Qian Kaifang   Liu Cuilan   Wang Zhong   Li Tongku   YI Tongchong   Li Zhixiu   Wang Benxiu   Liu Mingzhi   Fan Xingli   Chen Hua   Wang Xianglan   Li Youwu   Zhang Jiaxiu   Ding Guizhen   Wang Guangxiu   Yi Xulan   Wang Yu   Wang Yaoxiang   Yu Chaofeng   Yu Chaoqin   Liu Tao   Huang Guohai   Gu Tongdan   Wang Shuying   Kong Lingrong   Liu Jianzhen   Zhao Wenmei   Li Huafeng   Wang Caiqing   Li Gaiyu   Li Lingai   Liu Ailin   Jiang Tongshu   Li Baofeng   Li Xiangfeng   Zhao Tongbo   Li Ladi   Tian Fuzhong   Tian Haibing   Tian Luxia   Tian Fengxia   Tian Futang   Li Ailing   Zhang Tongdong   Song Fenyou   Fang Lujun   Fang Lihong   Li Youen   Yang Haiting   Xing Yixing   Xing Bailing   Xing Zhangsuo   Qiao Dongliang   Wang Yune   Gan Tonglao   Yang Bo   Yao Zhongke   Yao Yanqi   Han Yangying   Yao Fangcui   Yao Fangjun   Yang Tongcang   Ma Lianggui   Ma Li   Ma Pinggui   Wang Yingde   Feng Tongzai   Yang Fengling   Li Xiangfeng   Qi Chengye   Xiao Jinlan   Liu Zhihua   Liu Yong   Guo Qinfang   Gao Hai   Ren Xiuqin   Guo Suye   Ren Jinhua   Ren Jianmin   Ren Jie   Ma Liying   Ren Fenghua   Li Zong   Li Xiuying   Li Xiuqin   Zou Xiuqin   Lv Zemin   Lv Zerong   Lv Zexin   Xing Zhuen   Zhao Shumin   Wang Pengxia   Fang Xiyan   Gu Erting   Chang Yongting   Hao Lianzeng   Hao Xiaofeng   Wang Lingdi   Wang Peijin   Hou Sixia   Bai Ruyuan   Wang Xianfeng   Zhou Mingxiu   Yi Na   Wang Yan   Shang Jin   He Tuozhan   Zhang Guizhi   Jia Tongding   Wang Tongxian   Feng Lianji   Hu Xianxiang   Ou Lifang   Lan Zhao   Liu Yuying   Nie Dezhi   Guang Zhengyu   Peng Xinfang   Wang Congyun   Xu Fengxiu   Chen Jiceng   Song Guangrong   Lv Zhenhui   Guo Ping   Zhao Xingming   Liu Xiaorong   Zhou Kaiqin   Wang Tongjuan   Yang Yinhua   Li Gaixin   Wen Tonglian   Chen Douying   Li Mingxiang   Li Xinrong   Dong Dongzhi   Liu Tongfen   Tang Ziqing   Huang Huanxiang   Wang Changlan   Gong Shuqin   Yao Weiqian   Wang Xian   Wang Xiuhua   Liu Yan   Zhang Ailian   Liu Dayong   Wang Xiaohong   Hu Tongkan   Yang Yuzhi   Wang Xiufeng   Zhang Tonghen   Gao Xiaoju   Lv Jing   Wang Xiaojun   Zhao Feng   Wang Longying   Zhou Duanhua   Gu Tongkou   Li Tongjin   Long Tongzhan   Song Wenzhen   Hao Anzhou   Gao Yunfeng   Hao Anyun   Hu Guifang   Xu Xiujie   Hao Enle   Li Feng   Zhao Honge   Cao Huaju   Zhang Wenjie   Ma Quansheng   Kui Yage   Liu Tongpao   Cheng Zhongying   Wang Tongnu   Li Tongqi

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