Millennial Christian suspected of “organizing illegal gatherings” faces official arrest

(Nujiang, Yunnan, China—September 23, 2022) On September 16, Fugong County Bureau of Public Security submitted the application of arresting Wang Shunping to the local procuratorate.  Wang Shunping’s defense lawyer also submitted documents requesting to procuratorate to reject the arrest. 


Fugong authorities suspected Wang Shunping—a Christian of the Nu people in Yunnan province— of “organizing and sponsoring illegal gatherings.” On September 15, Wang met with his lawyer virtually for the first time since his criminal detention on August 17.  Wang’s defense lawyer hoped that the procuratorate could implement the decree in China’s Constitution protecting citizens’ freedom of religion and disapprove the arrest of Wang Shunping in accordance with the law.  


Wang Shunping did not talk much during the meeting. Regarding his situation in the detention center, he described it with one sentence, “I am good” and “everything is fine.”  As to being detained, he did not feel shame being involved in Christian gatherings but was uncertain if he broke any laws teaching the Bible to underaged people.  


Wang Shunping served the church since he moved back to his hometown after graduating from Yunnan Seminary in 2014. He holds an authentic faith, also described as meek and devout. Wang Shunping endeavored to fulfill a Christian’s responsibilities of loving God and people before being criminally detained. He taught his peers and their children guitar and piano without asking for payment.  


~Yu Bing, ChinaAid  Contributing Reporter