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(China Aid Association — October 17, 2008) There is new development on the persecution case of Mr. Alimujiang, a Christian of Uyghur ethnicity.  After the National Day, the attorney has confirmed that his case has been transferred to the court from the local procuratorate.  However, the court refuses to confirm this news in public.  Alimujiang’s wife and his two young sons live in Urumqi and are suffering great stress and hardships in livelihood.  Another Christian of Uyghur ethnicity, Mr. Wusiman who has been sentenced to re-education through labor, was allowed recently to meet his wife.  He looked much older than before and his condition makes people worry about him.  Pastor Bob Fu, head of China Aid Association, strongly denounces the Chinese authorities in Kashi, Xinjiang for their persecution of the above two ethnic Uyghur Christians because of their belief and calls on the Chinese authorities to immediately release the two innocent citizens.
(Photo: Mr. Alimujiang)

Issued by CAA, October 17, 2008

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