Vice-President of the European Parliament wrote a letter to Geng He: Gao’s welfare remains my absolute priority—on the 5th anniversary of Gao Zhisheng’s case

—This is an interview report by Zhang Min, hostess of the talk show “Journey of the Soul” from Radio Free Asia.  August 13, 2011
*On the 5th anniversary of Gao Zhisheng’s case.  The 16-month re-disappearance of Lawyer Gao has aroused concerns from people both in China and abroad.*
August 15 of this year is the 5th anniversary of the disappearance of the Chinese human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng when he was kidnapped from his sister’s house in Shandong province.  In these past five years, Lawyer Gao Zhisheng was arrested, sentenced and forced to disappear several times.  At this time, it is already a year and four months since he was forced to disappear again.  The situation of Lawyer Gao Zhisheng has aroused concerns from people both in China and abroad.

*Pastor Bob Fu has shared with us the latest news: He has received a letter to Geng He from the vice-president of the European Parliament*
Pastor Bob Fu, President of the US-based China Aid Association who has always been concerned about Lawyer Gao Zhisheng and his family, notified this radio station a piece of latest news of the international concern for Lawyer Gao Zhisheng—-

According to Pastor Bob Fu, the latest news is that Edward Mcmillan-Scott, Vice-President of the European Parliament, wrote a letter on August 12 in reply to Geng He, the wife of Lawyer Gao Zhisheng.  In the letter, he expresses his thanks to Geng He for her letter written in July on the disappearance of Lawyer Gao Zhisheng and the 5th anniversary of his first kidnapping.  In the meantime, he also recalled his phone talks with Lawyer Gao in the past and he made a special mention that he feels very sorry that his talk with Gao may have brought him his present troubles.

He assured Geng He that the freedom of Lawyer Gao remains his top priority and he hopes that he will see a China more just for which Lawyer Gao has worked so hard.  He firmly believes that Lawyer Gao who courageously fights for democracy, freedom and human rights will be a part of China’s future.

He also mentions that he was copying his letter to Lady Ashton, the EU’s High Representative for External Relations and the president of the European Parliament.  According to him, these two people have also been concerned about the fate of Lawyer Gao.  That’s why he was copying the letter to them.

The above is the main gist of his letter.

Hostess:  How did you get this letter?

Bob Fu:  He hopes I can forward this letter to Geng He.  He gave the letter to three people in the hope that they could forward it to Geng He.  I’ve just forwarded the English version of the letter to Geng He.  After we translate it to Chinese, we’ll give the Chinese version to Geng He.  It just happened now.

*A brief introduction to Lawyer Gao Zhisheng and Gao’s case. *
The human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng who has served as a defense counsel in the case of  Northern Shaanxi Oil Field, Falun Gong cases and other cases wrote three open letters to the highest leaders in China from December 2004 to December 2005, demanding that they stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.
In November 2005, Shengzhi Law Firm of Beijing where he served as the director was shut down by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice.  On December 22, 2006, Lawyer Gao Zhisheng was sentenced to three years in prison with a probation of five years and deprivation of political rights for one year on the charge of “inciting the subversion of state power.”  He was sent home on that day.
In September 2007, Gao Zhisheng was again arrested and after his release, his article came out and was circulated which is titled: “Dark Night, Dark Hood and Kidnapping by Dark Mafia” in which he describes the tortures he went through during the detention, including tooth picks inserted into his genitals.
Gao Zhisheng has won Courageous Advocacy Award issued by The American Board of Trial Advocates and other human rights prizes.
On the early morning of February 4, 2009, right in front of his relatives, Gao Zhisheng was kidnapped by the police from his native place in Shaanxi.

In early 2009, Gao Zhisheng’s wife, son and daughter fled China and later settled in America as refugees.

After Gao Zhisheng was kidnapped by the police from his native place, there have been many different versions of his whereabouts respectively from the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  of China, the police and other sources.  Until March 27, 2010, people in the outside world didn’t have any accurate information of him.

On March 28, 2010, Gao Zhisheng’s phone number suddenly appeared on the Internet and people in the outside world could now call Lawyer Gao Zhisheng.  10 days later, when people in the outside world called this number again, the phone was disconnected and it has remained so ever since.

*Pastor Bob Fu:  The EU has confirmed as its mission to rescue Gao Zhisheng and urged the vice-president of the United States to question the Chinese authorities on the disappearance of Gao Zhisheng when he visits China next week.*
In the interview on August 12, I asked Pastor Bob Fu: “When you read the letter, what comments and what plans does your organization have?”

Bob Fu: “This letter was written by Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice-President of the European Parliament.  He and I have met many times and in the letter, he expresses his condolences to Geng He, especially at the time of the 5th anniversary of Gao Zhisheng’s kidnapping and arrest.  In the meantime, he also affirms the sacrifices his entire family has made.

The other point he makes here is he has confirmed that he will regard as his most important task and mission to rescue Gao Zhisheng and gain freedom for Gao Zhisheng.  So I think, this is a direct response of the European Union to Gao’s case at this 5th anniversary of his kidnapping.

Edward said that as the EU is in recess in August and all the offices are closed.  Yet, he wrote this letter to Geng He and at the same time, he also mentioned in his email that he hopes we can spread this information out.

As the vice-president of the United States Biden is scheduled to visit China next week, we at China Aid Association will make special appeals before Biden’s visit to China and urge him via various ways to raise questions during his China visit to the Chinese authorities on the continual disappearance of Lawyer Gao Zhisheng.

*Ms. Geng He:  Let me express my thanks to Mr. Edward and the EU, as well as China Aid Association for their continual concern for the human rights in China and Gao Zhisheng.*
After that, I called Geng He, the wife of Lawyer Gao Zhisheng in America and she said she had already received this letter.
Ms. Geng He talked about her current feelings: “Let me first of all express my thanks to the EU and Mr. Edward for their concerns on human rights in China and to China Aid Association for its concerns on human rights in China and Gao Zhisheng.  They have always been remembering each day since Gao Zhisheng was arrested.  I am very touched by this that they remember every day with my family.”

Geng He said: “August 15 is the birthday of the vice-president Edward and this day happens to be the day Gao Zhisheng was arrested.  On July 14 of this year, I wrote a letter to him and first of all I wished him happy birthday.  I feel very guilty at heart as in the past five years, there is one thing more to worry about on Edward’s birthday.  I hope we can soon get some news on Gao Zhisheng so that Mr. Edward can feel better and happy in the subsequent birthdays of his.

While expressing her thanks to the international community, Geng He also talked about her current expectations: “Gao Zhisheng’s current status is forced disappearance.  The 5th anniversary of his first disappearance is just around the corner.  When Gao Zhisheng can regain his freedom depends on the pressure from the outside world.  That’s why I hope we can work together and let me and my children know he is safe and let Gao Zhisheng come back home and let all the people who are concerned for him feel at peace.”

*Mr. Gao Zhiyi: No news.  I called Sun Di, a DSPS (Domestic Security Protection Squad) agent in Beijing and he said: “No news whatsoever.”*
In the past week, I made several international calls to Gao Zhiyi, the eldest brother of Gao Zhisheng who lives in his native place at Xiaoshibanqiao Village, Shenquan Town, Jiaxian County, Yulin City of Shaanxi, China

The following is a recording of part of the interview on August 8—
Hostess:  Have you got any news about Lawyer Gao Zhisheng recently?

Gao Zhiyi:  No news whatsoever.  Last time, I used somebody else’s cell phone and called the Sun (Sun Di) and got through to him.  He said: “No news whatsoever.”

Hostess:  When was the last time you got through to him?

Gao Zhiyi:  About 10 days ago.  He said he didn’t know either.  Then I said: “If you don’t know, then there is nobody in this whole world who knows where he is.”  Then he said: “Okay.  That’s it” and hanged up.  It is impossible for him not to know it.  In these past years, he has always been managing Gao Zhisheng’s case and he has gone to our village many times.  The government’s behavior is not acceptable and they are not open and honorable people.  Lao San (Gao Zhisheng) said that when he came back at Qingming Festival last year, Sun Di brought four vehicles with them and they got off at the highway about one kilometers away from my place.  Then, Lao San came back and their vehicles went to Yulin.   It is impossible for Sun Di not to know it.  Why do they do things like that?”

*Mr. Gao Zhiyi: No news.  Without seeing him, I couldn’t raise questions on him.  How can a state and a government explain this off?*
Hostess: The 5th anniversary of the first kidnapping and disappearance of Lawyer Gao Zhisheng is just around the corner.  What do you want to talk about at this moment for this anniversary?

Gao Zhiyi: “Tomorrow, I plan to go to Yulin Municipal Public Security Bureau and ask them whether they can give me an explanation or not.  If they don’t give me an explanation, my preliminary plan is to go Beijing and see whether they intend to release him or not and I’d like to see whether I can see him (Gao Zhisheng).  If I can’t do so, I, along with our relatives and friends, plan to go there together to get the person back.  Anyway, we’ll do it step by step.”

Even if they say he violates the law again and they add more prison time, they should at least notify the family.  Now, they don’t give any news to us and we don’t see the person and we can’t talk with him. How can this be explained away?  They are a state power and a government.

Hostess: You just said you want to go to Yulin Public Security Bureau tomorrow.  Are you going there yourself?

Gao Zhiyi: “Yes, I’m going there myself.  We want to see him (Gao Zhisheng)”

*Mr. Gao Zhiyi: He made a trip of over 100 kilometers to Yulin Public Security Bureau and the answer was “we don’t know.”  He had to go back home and plans to go to Beijing to look for Gao Zhisheng.*
On the second day which is August 9, I once again called Gao Zhiyi—
Hostess:  Did you go there today?

Gao Zhiyi: Yes, I went there and the result is the same.  Yulin Public Security Bureau said they don’t know and there was nothing I could do there.

Hostess: When did you arrive there?  How did you ask your questions?

Gao Zhiyi:  Between 9 and 10 o’clock.  I said to them that they should let me know the basic information of my brother.  They said they don’t know.  There was nothing he could do as he is in a subordinate work unit.

Hostess:  Did you ask him who knows about Gao Zhisheng’s whereabouts?

Gao Zhiyi: “Whoever arrested him knows it.  Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau knows it.  I got through when I made two calls in the afternoon, but Sun Di wouldn’t talk to me.

Hostess:   What did you say to Yulin Municipal Public Security Bureau?  How long did you stay there and how did you leave there?

Gao Zhiyi: It was simple.  When I asked him, he kept saying he didn’t know.  There was nothing I could do and I had to leave.

Hostess:  How far is it for you to go to Yulin Public Security Bureau from your home? How long did you stay there?

Gao Zhiyi: 100 kilometers and I stayed there for 10 to 20 minutes.
Hostess: What do you plan to do next?

Gao Zhiyi: I will go to Beijing.

*Ms. Geng He: Each time his eldest brother went to Beijing, he would be physically and emotionally tortured and injured.  I really don’t want him to go there.*
On August 11, I interviewed Geng He and asked her whether she has got any news of Lawyer Gao recently.

Geng He said: “We haven’t got much news.  I called his sister yesterday and his sisters said there was no news.  I called his younger brother the day before yesterday and he also said he had no news.  According to the Chinese Communists’ own law, it is written in the statement of ruling that he was sentenced to three years in prison with a probation of five years.  If the sentence of three years in prison were carried out, he should have been in prison, but we don’t know where he is; if it were a probation of five years, he should have stayed at home, and he is not at home.  We don’t know where is he.  If he is considered to have made a mistake during the probation, they should have tried him in a court.  Instead, they told us in the family that they know nothing about it.

We in the family know it but we don’t tell each other so.  We all think August 14 is the date he should have gone home.  I have not dared to explain this to my family from a legal perspective (The probation is calculated from the date of the ruling) for fear that they can’t endure it.

Hostess:  We originally thought it was August 14, that is, Lawyer Gao Zhisheng’s period of probation should be due one day before the 5th anniversary.  This calculation is in fact the calculation for the actual sentence served.  Recently, I asked some legal professionals about this question and made some inquiries and learned that according to the current law of China, the period of probation for Lawyer Gao Zhisheng should be calculated from the date of the ruling by the trial of first instance plus 10 days for appeal.  That is to say, the probation won’t be due until  January 1, 2012.

Geng He: I couldn’t bear this when I learned this news.  No matter how we asked them, they wouldn’t give us any information.  I always feel that his eldest brother plays the role of the head of the household.  Therefore, if I call him, he will always say: “You just take good of the children.  I’m going to look for him.”  However, I know his eldest brother is just a peasant and his financial strength is not that good.  He is delicate in many aspects.  When he goes to Beijing in such a delicate condition, I worry about him very much.”
As long as they tell us where he (Gao Zhisheng) is, I really don’t want his eldest brother to go to Beijing.  Ah, each time his brother went there, he would suffer once and be injured once.  Each time he went there and if the authorities didn’t receive his calls, he wouldn’t have any other places to go. They wouldn’t let him go into the Public Security Bureau and asked him to go to Office of Letters and Calls where he was driven to other places and so on.  There is no way he could stay!

In the past, his eldest brother has gone to look for him in Beijing.  After two trips there, Yulin Public Security Bureau said: “Don’t look for your brother anymore.  If you really want to look for him, tell us here first.  In case we have some info on him, we’ll tell you first so that you don’t have to travel so far for nothing.” At first, they said they didn’t allow him to go to Beijing and that he must tell them first to get an approval so that they could contact Beijing.  Look at what they say now.  They simply say they don’t know.”

Geng He advised Gao Zhiyi not to go to Beijing and thinks he will get nothing there.

*Mr. Gao Zhiyi: I demand that I be notified or that I hear the voice of Gao Zhisheng.  If there is no news, I will definitely go look for my brother in Beijing.*
Evening of August 12, Beijing time——

Gao Zhiyi:  Geng He called and told me not to go to Beijing at this time and that if I go, I will get nothing there anyway.  A few days ago, he called Sun Di four times and he never accepted the calls.  There is nothing he can do about it.

I also called Sun Di many times and no one accepted the calls.

I asked Mr. Gao Zhiyi how he is feeling now and what he is planning to do.

Gao Zhiyi said: “If they don’t give me any news, I will definitely go to Beijing.  I will go there sooner or later anyway.  If they tell me something in advance or we get a notice or I hear the voice of my brother, there is a possibility that we may not go there.  If everything is the same as it is now, I will definitely go there and I will absolutely not change my mind.  I bet this old-age life of mine on it.

I’ve told you before that when my father died, he (Gao Zhisheng) was only 12.  So, the relationship between us brothers is like that between a father and a son.

*Zhang Min the hostess apologized to the audiences and thank them for understanding*
In the previous program, both I and the interviewee thought the period of probation of Lawyer Gao Zhisheng is calculated in the same way as the actual sentence that would have been served in prison.  As some people in the audience reminded us, I asked some lawyers on the calculation of probation period according to the current Chinese law before I realized there is a difference.  For this, please let me apologize for the wrong calculation in my previous report and I ask for your understanding.  I will be more careful in the future and check every detail in the report.  In the meantime, let me express my heart-felt thanks to the friends for reminding me to check with the relevant regulations in the Chinese law!

*Lawyer Mo Shaoping:  How to calculate the starting and ending dates of probation.*
A few days ago, I interviewed Lawyer Mo Shaoping of Beijing whom Lawyer Gao Zhisheng’s family authorized to represent Gao in his case but who was never able to appear in court—

Hostess:  “May I ask you how the probational period is calculated according to the existing Chinese law?  For example, Lawyer Gao Zhisheng was taken away on August 15, 2006 and the date of ruling was December 22 of that year and he was sentenced to three years of imprisonment with a probation of five years and deprivation of his political rights for one year.  When is the period of probation due?

Mo Shaoping: According to the current law in mainland China, the starting date of a probation is the date the sentence is confirmed.  When the ruling is done in the trial of first instance, one has 10 days to appeal.  If there is no appeal, the probation is calculated from the 11th day.  If it is the ruling from the trial of second instance, the date of ruling is the ruling in the trial of final instance and the probation starts from that date.

*Lawyer Mo Shaoping: Legally specified restriction of rights during probation, the possible solutions and the deprivation of political rights.*
Hostess: What rights does a person in probation have according to the law?  What do they do about it during the probation?

Mo Shaoping: Some regulations must be abided by during the probation and this does not mean he is a completely free person and he is considered as serving a sentence.  He cannot even serve as a representative of a court, cannot run for public services and he is even restricted in making some statements and other rights.  Usually, some local regulations can also apply during the probation and a list of regulations to be observed is given to be followed during the probation.

Hostess: Where should the person usually be during the probation?
Mo Shaoping: They should be at home.

Hostess:  There is “one year deprivation of his political rights” in the ruling on Lawyer Gao Zhisheng.  How do they usually enforce this?

Mo Shaoping:  Usually the one year deprivation of political rights applies after he finishes serving the sentence.  This includes the freedom of one’s speech, running for public offices, freedom of assembly and freedom of procession, which he or she does not enjoy.

*Mo Shaoping: If the person is found to have violated the regulations or the law during the probation, their case can be retried and re-ruled and they should present legal documents in accordance with the required procedures.*
Hostess:  At first, you were authorized by Gao’s family to represent in this case.  Why were you not able to appear in court?

Mo Shaoping: At first, they hired me and Geng He signed the authorization papers.  However, by the time before the court trial, he might have accepted the lawyer designated by the government.
Hostess: Do you know if Lawyer Gao had the chance of knowing that his family had already signed the contract with two of you?

Mo Shaoping: There is no way I can judge this.

Hostess: Do you have any opinions on the condition of Lawyer Gao in the past five years?

Mo Shaoping: His eldest brother called me and said he had disappeared and he couldn’t find him.  He once contacted me and I told him he could report a missing person to the police and ask the local police to help find his whereabouts to see what was happening.  If a citizen goes missing under normal circumstances, the police have the obligations to help find him.  This is one possible way.  Later, his brother said he went to look for him but didn’t get anything.

There is certainly another possible way to find him: The judicial organ should come up with a ruling.  If it considers Gao Zhisheng himself fails to observe the corresponding regulations during the probation or he violates some provisions, they can cancel his probation and change it to the actual sentence to be served in prison in accordance with the relevant laws of China.   Certainly, this would need an adjudication from the court.  In fact, I haven’t read any report in this aspect, nor does his family get any information on this issue.  The second scenario is the judicial organ has found he has committed a crime again during the probation.  In this case, he can be punished for both the previous crime and the new crime at the same time and the probation can be changed to actual sentence to be served in prison.  There are only these two scenarios. It is certainly that both these two scenarios have to go through a normal legal procedure.  If a court ruling is needed, we’ll have a court ruling.  If an adjudication is needed, we’ll just have an adjudication.

Hostess: If it were a court ruling or adjudication, where would he serve the sentence?  Could people visit him in prison?

Mo Shaoping:  Certainly one can.  The case itself is an open legal document and it should be formally presented.  It is not something that we should keep secret of.

*Lawyer Ding Xikui: I have not heard that Gao Zhisheng’s probation has been canceled or there are any changes to his legal status*
I also interviewed Lawyer Ding Xikui of Beijing who was also authorized to represent Gao.

Ding Xikui: According to the Chinese law, probation can be repealed if the person in probation violates the law and he or she can be directly sent to prison.  Whether such a thing has happened in this specific case, the answer should be a negative one according to what you have gathered.  I have not heard of such circumstances either.  Now, we can only assume that he has not been sent back to prison.  The starting date for the sentence of three years in prison with a probation of five years should be the day the ruling becomes effective and the criminal punishment ends five years from that date.

Hostess:  According to your confirmation, is it January 1 of next year?

Ding Xikui: Yes, until January 1, 2012. Another possible scenario is according to the legal provisions, the probation can be commuted. If the person is considered to behave very well, he or she would qualify for commutation.  For example, according to the legal provisions, those who have shown good behavior can have their actual sentences commuted.  Besides, the corresponding period of test (for probation) can also be shortened.”

Hostess: Indeed we have not heard of notices on reconfirmation or any changes in the legal status of Lawyer Gao Zhisheng.

Ding Xikui:  I don’t have news in this respect.

*Lawyer Ding Xikui: I was once authorized to represent in Gao’s case.  It seems there are problems in the procedure*
Hostess:  Gao Zhisheng is a lawyer and his family has once authorized you to serve as his defense counsel. You have handled this case and you have seen what has happened in these past five years.  What are your opinions on the issues reflected by Lawyer Gao Zhisheng’s case, especially in judicial aspects?

Ding Xikui:  There were really issues in the procedure.  For example, by the time our papers were submitted to the court, we requested for a meeting.  Their reply was they would not allow us to meet and wouldn’t process the procedures.  What they were trying to hint was Gao Zhisheng didn’t want to authorize anybody to defend him.  It was orally forwarded to us.

Hostess:  Does that mean you didn’t have a chance to confirm this?

Ding Xikui:  Right.  We didn’t have a chance to confirm this.  They even… our papers of authorization.  I submitted them, but he received and then returned them to me.  But we refused to have it back, telling them that there is no legal basis for them to return it.  The issue ended up with nothing conclusive.

*Lawyer Li Heping:  It is absolutely a violation of law to make Lawyer Gao Zhisheng evaporate from the human society for an extended period of time.  I think it is a serious matter that is not tolerated in any country of the world.*
Interview with Lawyer Li Heping of Beijing——

When we talked about the development of Gao Zhisheng’s case in the past five years and the one year and four months of disappearance, Lawyer Li Heping of Beijing said: “Lawyer Gao evaporated from the human society a long time ago and I believe it is unthinkable for a normal person to see that such a thing is happening in China and it is a total violation of the law.  We think the such a thing would not be tolerated in any country of the world.  We hope Lawyer Gao Zhisheng can come back home as soon as possible and come back to his friends and reunite with his family.

*Lawyer Wen Haibo: I hope Lawyer Gao can reappear as soon as possible.  Gao’s case reflects the great retrogression of the judicial climate in China in the past few years.*
I also interviewed Lawyer Wen Haibo of Beijing——

Hostess:  It is almost five years since Lawyer Gao was kidnapped and arrested.  According to his present probation, they shouldn’t prevent us from finding him.  Are there any special words you want to say here about this case in the past five years and his condition?

Wen Haibo:  What I want to say now is that first, I hope he can be brought back to the field of view of his friends who care about him.  After a brief reappearance in April of last year, that is over a year ago….. More than a dozen of months has passed without us seeing any traces of him.  Certainly, it is not difficult for us to imagine he may have suffered various types of torture.  Therefore, first of all, we would like to see him reappear as soon as possible and stay on a long-term basis in the field of view of us.  Second, we hope……this may be too much of a luxury for us, that he can restore exchanges and contacts with his former friends.

Hostess:  Now, we don’t know where he is.  Judging from the development of Gao Zhisheng Incident in the past five years, do you think his experiences in this case as a lawyer reflects the current judicial status of China?  Do you think such contacts in this respect significant in some way?

Wen Haibo: This is very significant.  I personally believe that Lawyer Gao’s case is a typical one that reflects a great retrogression of the entire judicial climate in China in the past few years.  Judging from Lawyer Gao’s experiences, including the disappearance of many lawyers some time ago where they were placed under various types of pressures.  I think all these measures of suppression derive from their suppression of Lawyer Gao.

That’s why I think Lawyer Gao himself has suffered a lot.

*Pastor Bob Fu: What Lawyer Gao Zhisheng has experienced is the darkest chapter in the judicial history of China.  There is no legal system, fairness or justice*
Pastor Bob Fu, president of the US-based China Aid Association, said: “I think I can say what Lawyer Gao Zhisheng has experienced is the darkest chapter in the history of the legal system in China.  This is especially so when we know that the Chinese Communists advocated the so-called legal system during the campaign of Reform and Opening-up in the 1980s, and that in the 1990s, they specially mentioned the so-called “fairness and justice.”  Yet, from the continual harassment Gao Zhisheng suffered before he was arrested, the closure of his law office, the continual threats made to him and the torture and arbitrary disappearance he suffered after his arrest, along with the harassment and mistreatment of his family members…… All these totally deviate from the so-called spirit of the legal system as advocated by the Chinese government, let alone any fairness or justice.

*Pastor Bob Fu:  The international community is unanimous in appealing with the leaders in the US Congress in urging the Chinese government to tell the people the whereabouts of Lawyer Gao Zhisheng*
Pastor Bb Fu said: “On this eve of the 5th anniversary of the first kidnapping of Gao Zhisheng, we are here again launching a campaign to rescue Lawyer Gao Zhisheng.”

We have contacted leaders in the US Congress and the news we have got so far is Congressman Frank Wolf, chairman of Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, issued a formal statement for the 5th anniversary of Gao Zhisheng’s first kidnapping.  The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has also issued a statement in regards to the 5th anniversary of the kidnapping of Lawyer Gao, demanding that the Chinese government tell us the whereabouts of Lawyer Gao and stop the arbitrary disappearance and detention of him.  The US State Department will also make a statement of its opinions on this case.

At this moment, we appeal to the Chinese government to give Lawyer Gao complete freedom in the spirit of rule of law and tell the international community as soon as possible Lawyer Gao’s whereabouts.  I think the international community is unanimous in this respect.

The above is a talk show “Journal of the Soul” from Radio Free Asia and it is edited and hosted by Zhang Min in Washington D.C.

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Vice-President of the European Parliament wrote a letter to Geng He: Gao’s welfare remains my absolute priority—on the 5th anniversary of Gao Zhisheng’s case

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