Nine Arrested on Christmas Eve in Henan, Four Detained

China Aid Association

(HENAN — December 29, 2008) ChinaAid contacts report that at noon on December 24, 2008, the Domestic Defense Protection Squad and police of Shanzhuang, Gushu town, Yucheng county of Henan province raided a Christmas celebration of 70-80 house church members, arresting nine Christians for engaging in an illegal gathering. The nine arrested include eight house church members and their hired driver. The house church members are: Shan Qinming, Yue Zengyun, Han Yuhuan, Lei Haixia, Zhang Suying, Zhang Xiufang, Liu Suqin, Lei Lei. Police also confiscated a video camera and a van. The officers did not present any legal documents for the arrests, nor did they provide a receipt for the seized property.

Eventually, five of the arrested individuals were released in two groups, one at 8 p.m. and the other at 11 a.m. the following day. Officials fined each person 3,000 yuan, but did not provide two of the released with a receipt for 1,500 yuan of the fine paid. According to ChinaAid contacts, the four individuals who are still in prison will be detained for “half a month.”
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January 11: Update — The four Christian women from Yucheng county, Henan who were arrested on Christmas Eve were released from prison on January 8 after 15 days in detention. Police did not give them any official papers when they were released. Read original news story.

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