on Oct 11 2007 Pastor Hua Huiqi was beaten and lost consciouness. He was sent to Beijing Tiantan Hospital

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photos: Hua was resting in a park in August 2007 after released from prison.
On Oct 8 Hua was reading his Bible at his home despite of the police surrounding his house.

On Oct 11, Hua was sent to the hospital because he lost consciousness after repeated beating by the police.

Hua was on the ambulence on the way to the hospital on Oct 11, 2007.
Hua in the hospital

The owners of Hua’s rental room Mr. Dong Zhixue and Ms. Zhao Xiuyun visited Hua in his hospital
Audio file: pastor Hua was talking about how he was beaten after he woke up from unconsciousness. please click here to listen in mandarin Chinese
October 14, 2007
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