Pastor Wang Dao Issues Statement

October 2, 2010

Pastor Wang Dao of Liangren House Church has issued an announcement concerning the recent wave of fallacious phone calls made in his name to people all over China.
September 29, 2010
Solemn Declaration from Pastor Wang Dao
We have recently received many reports from fellow Christians, friends and relatives from various provinces that scam artists have called or sent them text messages in my name in an attempt to borrow money in my name. We would like to remind you, fellow Christians, not to fall victim to these vile tricks and to be more cautious so that you may avoid unnecessary losses. 

Pastor Wang Dao
Liangren House Church of Guangzhou

ChinaAid supports Pastor Wang Dao and urges Christians in China to take heed of his warning and be alert. We continue to stand with persecuted house church members and pastors in their daily struggles.

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