Pastor Wang Dao's Letter of Thanks to ChinaAid

China Aid Association
(Guangzhou—Dec. 29, 2010)
Dear esteemed Pastor Bob Fu,
Peace in Christ! Thank you and your team for your concern, help and support for the Liangren Church in Guangzhou and for me. You stand steadfastly with the persecuted house church in China, bearing up under great pressure. Wherever there is persecution, the persecuted there receive phone calls from you that encourage and comfort, especially those calls from the human rights lawyers who work with you. They are like guardian angels, frequently appearing before clients from disadvantaged social groups who are suffering hardships and tribulation. Hereby, let me express my deep respect and gratitude to you and the team under your guidance. Chinese society sorely needs elites like you fighting for justice to champion the rights of the common people!
Pastor Fu, do you know that the dark forces of Satan hate what you are doing in their very bones. Whenever they mention your name, they clench their teeth, and the Domestic Security Department have on many occasions warned me that we are not allowed to be in contact you. When I flatly refused to do as they ordered, they went to the pastoral staff of other house churches in Guangzhou that I am in contact with and attacked the two of us, claiming that we have a political goal to engage in anti-China activities in the name of religion. Their aim is to divide and fracture the unity and bond of the house churches. But the more that Satan fears something, the more God likes it and the more important the job is. Therefore, the work you and your team are engaged in is very important and is for the cause of justice.
Pastor Fu, though we have never met, it seems our souls are connected because we have the same Lord and same Holy Spirit. Let me express my deep gratitude to you and your team for your concern, prayers, support and encouragement, etc. I regret that I can’t express my gratitude to you face to face. I can only let my dear wife express my gratitude to you in person on my behalf. At the same time, let me also express my sincere gratitude to every friend of ours who has supported us and shown their love for us. We are not alone because you stand with us on our side! We will continue to hold fast to our faith and we will never stop meeting together until we see the Lord! I ask you to remember in your prayers our fellow Christians in China who are suffering.
May God bless Pastor Fu and your team!
Pastor Wang Dao from Guangzhou City, China October 30, 2010

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