Pastor Zhang MingXuan's Second Open Letter to President Hu Jintao

China Aid Association

Second Letter to President Hu Jintao

Dear Respected President,
Merry Christmas! Today is Christmas Day. It is on this day that Jesus, the savior of the world, was born, which brings peace to China and around the world.

Moreover, today is a momentous and joyous day all the world over. However, driven to desperation, I wrote you a second letter. Although I am not sure whether you can read it, I am sure that you will not be ferocious with me, an uneducated hairdresser. I would like to speak to you about the truth of the harmonious society that you have consistently advocated. Some corrupt political officials, who are always deceiving their superiors and subordinates, bring disgrace to you and our Party. I  am determined to sacrifice my life for Jesus and our peaceful nation, even though I may be imprisoned or sentenced to death, if only for the hope that China will be really harmonious, strong, prosperous, free in religion, and full of love.

My orphanage was forced to move out of its building on Christmas Day. I am shocked as to how people would be able to drive these orphans out of their school and force them to be homeless. I have been preaching the Gospel and have done well for more than ten years in Beijing, but as of now I have become an opponent to the Party and our State. The police office, the Religion Bureau and the United Front Work Department in Sanhe City, have disregarded what they have heard at the conference of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the 18th of December. Instead they have struck the Chinese Home Church Alliance and have begun persecuting Christians even worse than before. What’s more, you have been emphasizing that our Party give fundamental consideration to the people’s interests, and unite the religious believers at large in hopes of achieving a better society. We are always trying our best to fulfill these goals. Why are they always treating me as an enemy?

Is it not natural for Christians to celebrate Christmas Day? It is a normal religious activity, which should be protected by the Constitution. Unfortunately, on Christmas day many tragedies have taken place in the homeland: five Christians were arrested in Shangqiu city Henan province; three were arrested in Yichun city Helongjiang province; orphans were forced to leave school and leave their home in Sanhe City, Hubei Province. What’s worse, the landlord was called and threatened not to let us spend Christmas Day in the home, by the Director of Security Order in the village. The plain-clothes police, head of police office, District of Dongba Town, Chaoyang Area, Beijing. The officials stated that if we spent Christmas Day in our church, they would confiscate the land contract. “The land is mine, and the house is yours; I will seize your contract, and dismantle your house; you will be put to prison by the Religious Bureau and police office and United Front Work Department”, the district pretentiously said to the landlord. The landlord dared not to disobey their orders, and we had to spend Christmas Day in a hotel on the 23rd of December. President Hu, the Land belongs to the Nation, but the district tells us arrogantly that it is his. They intimidate the populace, which brings great crimes to the Party, our Nation and the People, and destroys the great blueprint of building a peaceful society. Unexpectedly, these orphans and students were driven out of the yard (20 rooms), which was rented for five years by Chinese Home Church Alliance in Beixiangkou, Yanjiao Town, Sanhe City, Hebei Province. These homeless orphans were driven out by the town government officials, police office, Religious Bureau and United Front Work Department in Sanhe City with their ulterior schemes. The school (main in English and computer) was attacked by them on the 14th of October, and I was taken to be questioned by the chief of Religious Bureau in Langfang City, but he found me blameless. My phone was inspected and my personal freedom was kept under close custody during the opening of the Seventeenth National People’s Congress. A foreign teacher and some students were driven out by threatening students and orphans with their tricks on the 28th of October. The head of the village threatened to cut off the supply of electricity if we did not move out on the 18th of November. They cut off our electricity on the December 5; we had to buy a power generator, because the electrical engineer refused to help us. We had never gone against the electric energy consumption and paid our electric bill on time every month. Why would they cut off the electricity without permission? I called to the electric power supply bureau in Sanhe City for the reason many times on the 9th, 10th and 12th of December. I have heard nothing from them to this day. I brought a lawsuit against the electric power supply bureau of Sanhe City on December 17. The court in Sanhe City did not handle the case, instead, they asked me to look for the help of the municipal government, and I went to meet the minister of the United Front Work Department and the director of the Religious Bureau, but they both did not care. “It is none of our business”, they both replied. Around five o’clock in the afternoon, the landlord forced us to move. Liu Mingyi, the landlord, was threatened that his house would be demolished and he would become homeless, if I did not move in three days. These orphans were forced to give up school on December 20th. Children have rights to receive compulsory education, ensured definitely in article 2, 4 and 57 of “the Compulsory Education”. These orphans were driven out for the reason that they had no fostering certificate and residence permit. These children cried to go to school. The five orphans are respectively only seven years old, eight years old, eleven years old, twelve years old, fourteen years old. They have no capacity to live and they now have had to suffer and starve on the pavement. Perhaps they will endanger the society one day, which is not good for building the well-off society. The law becomes these officials’ means to persecute the common people. These officials are not the executors of the laws, but the bane of our nation and people. Is it not the peaceful society that we try our best to construct? “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” (Romans: 13/1). Therefore, we Christians stand on the right side of the law. However, it is written that on the Bible, “For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong” (Romans: 13/3). What these local officials do is in diametric opposition.

President Hu, I, Zhang Ming-xuan used to be a hairdresser, instead, today I have become God’s son, the disciple of Jesus, a pastor. I have been always obeying the word of God, submitting myself to the authority according to the teachings of the Bible. The Bible tells us to love the world like loving yourself, how can I show no emotion to these orphans. I was arrested more than twelve times by the police office and the Religious Bureau, but I was found not guilty and released. They strike the Chinese Home Church Alliance with all means, which would awaken more people of good sense, which also makes me believe in love and conscience. I believe China will become a nation of laws and a developed and religiously free country under your leadership.

I will pray for you!

Jesus Christ bless you!

Peace to you!

God bless China and all Chinese authorities!

                     President of Chinese Home Church Alliance
                             Pastor Zhang Ming-xuan
                    A quarter to eight on the 25th, October, 2007