Shi Minglei, the wife of Cheng Yuan, a human rights defender, recounts her battle “fighting terror with faith”

Reminder to fight fear.
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(Changsha, Hunan Province—March 09, 2021) On March 8, China Change published Fighting Terror With Faith — The Road Walked by a Human Rights Defender’s Wife, the experience Shi Minglei, the wife of Cheng Yuan, a human rights defender, shared. On July 22, 2019, Ms. Shi recounts, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities arrested Cheng Yuan and two of his colleagues, Wuge Jianxiong  (吴葛健雄) and Liu Yongze (刘永泽). For the previous ten years, these three Chinese citizens, NGO workers, had worked in the public interest field for equal-rights and anti-discrimination.

Next, CCP officials seized her and put a black hood on her head, Ms. Shi said, handcuffed her and transported her to a community police office where they interrogated her for approximately 20 hours. On July 23, 2029, CCP officials froze her bank account.

As Ms. Shi shares her journey through the dark shadows of fear, she recounts;

On July 27, 2019, the fifth day after Cheng Yuan was taken away, I made the arrest public, and I was scared when I made it public because I was afraid they would come to my door to retaliate.

 On August 13, 2019, Changsha officers Lin Shengxin and Zhao Qian came to my door again. They played a video of Cheng Yuan in the detention center. “Your husband wants you to stay out of his business,” they said.

During those 180 days of being under RSDL [residential surveillance] at my own home, I lived in constant fear that the officers could show up at any moment.

…during that time, my friends couldn’t find me and I lost contact with my family who do not live in the same city. 


On October 1, 2019, Ms. Shi recounts that after she made information public about her circumstances, Shenzhen National Security Officer Han warned her to take down her online posts and not to make any trouble for herself. “I was terrified,” she said, “thinking they’d come for me any time.”

But then, a prayer for her by a sister in the church changed her life, Ms. Shi remembers. This sister prayed, 
Protect my sister as you protect the pupil of your eye, and hide her under the shade of your wings. She is your daughter, your treasure, your beloved, who has been given the place of your princess; never allow that which is of darkness to harm her, never allow that which is of evil to have dominion over her.
Ms. Shi said she cried out to God, and the fear that had ruled her heart, the fear from the CCP’s tyranny, dissipated.

That night, I was no longer afraid. Every night, my little girl and I prayed and slept in peace. In the mornings, we took the bus to the subway together, and on the way we sang hymns together and praised God out loud. I began to learn how to live with my fears and how to walk through this trying time.

 … [We] live in a present where the one who kills the body cannot kill the soul, and even though we are in darkness, we cannot be prevented from sending out light; even though we are smothered, our hearts can still pray, and the Holy Spirit prays for us with an indescribable sigh; even though we are cut off from everything, even if we are cut off from others, the depths of our lives are connected to each other, loving each other, supporting each other, and thus being united with each other.

Ms. Shi said that through her journey “Fighting Terror With Faith,” she learned to place herself in God’s hands… to lean completely on Him. Even though she does not know what tomorrow holds, because she knows Jesus, she knows Who remains in charge of tomorrow. 
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He who finds his life will lose it, 
and he who loses his life for My sake 
will find it.
                                                                                                                       ~ Matthew 10:39 (NKJV)
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