sister of Yu Zhongju was beaten to die

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Photo:Yu Zhongju’s son and her the parents AGREEMENT IN RESPECT OF THE EVENT OF MS. YU ZHONG JU’S DEATH
On July 18, 2001 at 5:00 p.m. Zhong Xiang City Police brought Ms. Yu from her place of detention.  The suspect (female, 30 years of age, residing at No. 5 Qun Xi Village in the town of Wen Ji) participated in the activities of an evil cult.  While she was being prepared for a photograph at the detention center, Ms. Yu suddenly suffered a fall against a wall.  She was declared dead after the hospital failed to resuscitate her.  After this occurred, the joint investigation team consisting of the Muncipal Political-Legal Committee and the Procuratorate investigated the cause of Ms. Yu’s death and ordered the coroners of the Public Security Police, the Procuratorate, and the People’s Court to conduct an autopsy.  The results of the examination indicated that Ms. Yu died of sudden heart failure, the Public Security Bureau police did not commit any illegal activities in Ms. Yu’s case.  Due to Ms. Yu’s death during interrogation by the Zhong Xiang City Public Security Bureau Police, they accept some responsibility for her death.  However, because Ms. Yu was under suspicion of participating in illegal cut activities and her death was the result of natural causes, some degree of responsibility must be accepted by the deceased.  Therefore, as a humanitarian gesture and in consideration of the financial hardship upon Ms. Yu’s family, compensation is made according to the relevant standard for victims of transportation accidents in Hubei Province during 2001 and after consultation, the Zhong Xiang City Public Security Bureau Police provided Ms. Yu’s survivors with a one time payment in the amount of 62,000 RMB in cash.  
The above agreement is final upon the signatures of both parties.  Ms. Yu’s survivors should not make any additional requests to the Zhong Xiang City Public Security Bureau Police on any other bases.
Relative of YU Zhongju           Public Security Bureau Police of Zhong Xiang City
                       WANG Yao Xiang                                                      July 20, 20

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