State Security officers detain Pastor of Guiyang Enguang Church and his wife

Statue of Mao in Guiyang’s town square.
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(Guiyang, Guizhou Province —Nov. 4, 2020) During the night of October 25, after several State Security officers raided the home of Guiyang Enguang Church’s Pastor, Wu Xuechao (38) and his wife, Yang Wei (35), police detained the couple. Several members of the church reported that the officers did not produce a detention warrant nor any other legal documents to confirm the legality of their arrests. 

Pastor Wu and Yang have three children, the oldest seven-years-old, and the youngest one year and nine months old. Family members are providing care for the children. 

Prior to arresting Pastor Wu and his wife, authorities had seized and detained Dai Yankun, a representative of the Enze fellowship of the Enguang Church, as well as nine believers for “investigation.” At that time, Dai and the nine were attending a Huaxi gathering venue. 

To date, as police have detained three Guiyang Enguang Church leaders, officers have failed to inform the detainee’s families of reasons for their arrests. Local believers assert that authorities primarily detain church leaders to bring the church under government control. Authorities require that people who participate in religious activities in China gather in the officially recognized “patriotic church,” the Three-self Church. 

Local believers have also stated that Chinese Communist Party [CCP] members routinely retaliate against Guiyang Enguang Church for refusing to join the Three-self church. 

Sun, a believer living in Guiyang, said that now as when they studied at the university, Wu and Yang demonstrated their faith in Jesus Christ as they regularly participate in church activities. Currently, Wu leads the Enguang Church congregation, primarily consisting of local young people. The couple also preaches the Gospel and organizes fellowships for college students. 

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