Testimony of sister Sun Minghua in jail

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My name is Sun Mingfeng. I am the elder sister of Sun Minghua, a Christian of South China Church. Now she is imprisoned for her faith.
On February 17th, I went to Wuhan Women’s Prison with my son, and another sister to visit Sun Minghua. I went to the registration office as usual. We were planning on having lunch together. After I went through the procedures, I went to the dining hall. On seeing her, I found that her face and red and swollen. I was feeling very bad for her, and asked, “Why are your eyes and your face swollen?” She said, “I have had this bad cold for over three months.” I said in tears, “Why didn’t you report this to the officials?” She said, “The officials here only care for the tasks. They don’t care of I got sick. I have to make do with it.” She continued, “The blisters on my feet are infected again. Now my legs hurt so much that I can’t even walk. Sometimes I can’t stand up either. But I still have to finish all the tasks. I barely got time to finish all this. I have to run even to use the bathroom.” 
I asked my sister, “Can you read the Bible and pray in the cell?” She said, “The officials never allowed us to talk about our belief. I am forbidden to read the Bible or pray. When I felt hungry for the Word, I wrote a letter to my family, asking for a Bible. The officials read it, and reprimanded me, ‘You are here to be reformed! If you mention your belief again, we’ll forbid you to meet your family or dine with them. You are doing well here, but you just wouldn’t admit you are guilty (of being a cult member).'” My sister said to them, “My mother is a Christian. I have been a Christian since childhood. I have been reading the Bible for over 30 years. Now I am shut in here; but I’m still a Christian. I would like to read the Bible and pray.” The officials said harsh things to her, “You are here because you are a Christian, and you are still asking to read your evil book?” My sister made the request again and again, but all she got was reprimands and refusals. They even threatened her with disallowing her family to visit her or dine with her.
In January I went to visit her, and brought her a copy of Stream in the Desert. An official forbade me to give it to her, and said in a vicious tone, “You want her out or not? Still sending her evil books! If you still go on like this, we won’t allow you to dine together.” I argued, “This in no eveil book.” He simply spoke in a rage, “Shut up! Send no more books to her!” He turned round, and left.
My sister talked about the previous visitation during lunch. An official came in and criticized her, “Are you stuck to evil or what? Still want to read evil books here!” She said, “This is no evil; what I believe in is Christianity.” But her words were of no avail.
My sister has been a Christian since childhood. She has been used to reading the Bible and praying. But all this was denied by the prison staff. Her entire spiritual life is changed. She suffers a pain more unbearable than physical torture.
February 18th, 2004

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