Unidentified Assailants Ambush Attorney Zhang Kai

ChinaAid Association
(BEIJING — Dec. 16, 2010) Attorney Zhang Kai, who was elected to represent the victims in the “My father is Li Gang” case, was violently chased by a group people on Tuesday night in Beijing.
On December 14 at 10:45 p.m., prominent Christian human rights attorney Zhang Kai was chased violently after driving to the vicinity of Liuliqiao on North 3rd Ring Road in Beijing. The reasons for the attack are unknown.
At the time of the incident, Zhang Kai was driving his private car, accompanied by another Christian human rights lawyer. Suddenly, three vehicles without license plates surrounded Zhang, forcing him to stop his car. At least 10 people exited the vehicles and encircled Zhang’s car.

Unable to open the door, they attempted to break the windows with metal sticks. Zhang then drove his car against the vehicles that blocked the way, pushed them aside and escaped the blockade. He fled to Chang’an Street and stopped beside the vehicle of an armed police officer. Then, he was out of danger. Zhang Kai’s vehicle is now seriously damaged.
Zhang thinks this inexplicable, ferocious chase may be because he offended some people in representing certain sensitive cases. Or perhaps because he personally visited some petitioners in Beijing the night before and slept with them under the arch of a bridge for a night. Has he infuriated some parties because of this? He still does not have any clear leads that will help him understand the brutality he suffered.
Zhang Kai has reported this incident to the police.
China Aid Association is very shocked by this incident and denounces the actions of the unidentified assailants.
Pastor Bob Fu, president of ChinaAid, said that this could be a part of “Operation Deterrence” — a nationwide crackdown on house churches recently launched by the Chinese government — because Zhang Kai is also a member of Christian Human Rights Lawyers of China (CHRLC).
Dr. Fan Yafeng, the leader of CHRLC, has been illegally detained by Beijing authorities for many days.
Fu calls on the church leaders and believers to unite advocate for Brother Zhang Kai’s personal safety, and pray that Jesus would bless these brave Christians.
Please call Zhang Kai at +86 139 1190 0261 and let him know that you are standing with him.

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