UPDATE: Three Taochuan Christian Church Leaders Released in Shaanxi

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(SHAANXI – June 27, 2009) The three detained house church leaders of Taochuan Village Christian Church in Shaanxi province were released after serving detention for “engaging in “illegal religious activities.” Sister Xu Fenying was released on June 19 after five days of detention, and Sister Liu Caili and Brother Huang Shumin were released at at 8:30 a.m. on June 24 after serving 10 days of detention. The three released leaders, together with their families and church, thank all who prayed and spoke out on their behalf.
Authorities arrested the Christians as the latest in a series of actions to shut down their house church, and confiscate the church building. The authorities have targeted the church because the Christians have been advocating for justice for peasants in their village. On June 5, authorities issued a public notice declaring Taochuan Christian Church had been abolished.
The three Christians were arrested on June 14, when officers came to their homes and businesses and forcibly escorted them to the police station without presenting identification or official summons. Liu Caili and Huang Shumin were sentenced to 10 days of detention and Xu Fenying was given five days of detention. The three of them were shown in handcuffs on Luonan County TV.
In addition, ChinaAid learned that on June 18, 2009, three police officers went to the home of Christian Zhang Miaoli where they interrogated and summoned her. She went to the police station the following day, where she was given five days of detention.
Liu Caili, Huang Sumin and Xu Fenying have filed an administrative lawsuit against Luonan County Public Security Bureau of Shaanxi Province on the grounds that their detentions, fines and the authorities’ confiscation of books have no legal basis. In the lawsuit, the Christians state: 1) the charge was not based on facts, because the Christians gathered spontaneously to study the Bible, not in the name of a social organization 2) the administrative penalty had no legal basis because the Chinese Constitution guarantees freedom of belief, and 3) the authorities violated the legal procedure because they did not present identification or summons papers.
Contact the following government authorities in Shaanxi and urge they allow Taochuan Church to worship freely, and compensate and publically apologize to Huang Sumin, Liu Caili, Xu Fenying and Zhang Miaoli.
Luonan Public Security Bureau of Shaanxi:
Main number: +86-0914-7322159
Office phone numbers: +86-0914-7380416;+86-0914-7381381;+86-0914-7326515

Public Security Window of Luonan County Administrative Service Center:
Fax: +96-0914-7382334

Read the Administrative Bill of Indictment filed by the three released Christians against Luonan County Public Security Bureau of Shaanxi Province.

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