URGENT: Prison refuses to consider medical parole for nephew of blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng struck with appendicitis; other relative's home attacked again

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(Updated with additional info about medical parole request & Bob Fu’s appeal)

(Linyi, Shandong–April 29, 2013) Prison authorities have refused to accept an application for medical parole for the imprisoned nephew of blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng, who is suffering an attack of appendicitis, ChinAid has learned.

The nephew, Chen Kegui, who was given a three-year, three-month prison sentence in retaliation for Chen Guangcheng’s escape and departure for the United States, has been diagnosed with appendicitis, and his appendix is now oozing pus.  The prison has failed to provide any medical care for this urgent medical condition other than giving him a few antibiotic pills.

His father, Chen Guangfu, rushed to Linyi prison to submit an application for medical parole after Chen Kegui called him with the latest news of his medical condition.  Chen Guangfu sought to have his son released immediately on medical parole so that Chen Kegui could receive real medical care, but the prison authorities have refused to accept the application.

ChinaAid urgently appeals to the international community to give timely attention to this latest development, and believes that President Xi Jinping should make the necessary response and intervene in this matter.

In a related development, the home of Chen Guangfu, the eldest brother of Chen Guangcheng and the father of Chen Kegui, has been attacked with stones and bricks for the third time in more than a week. The first two attacks occurred on April 21 and April 24, and the most recent was last Saturday (April 27).  Also, the saplings he planted in his courtyard have been uprooted again, and all the vegetables planted in Chen Guangcheng’s mother’s courtyard have also all been uprooted or otherwise destroyed.

ChinaAid is shocked by this thuggish means of persecution employed by the Chinese government and denounces such acts.  ChinaAid founder and president Bob Fu is urgently calling on the U.S. State Department and White House to respond to this flagrant disregard for what high-level Chinese officials agreed to a year ago in the negotiations for Chen Guangcheng’s departure for the United States.  Since then, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Minority Leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi have all made public statements or appeals with regard to the safety of Chen’s extended family in China. 


Fu is working with officials at the State Department, in the European Union and in the United Kingdom who have met with Chen Guangcheng to push for a stronger response to this escalating situation.  He urges all democratic governments to act quickly so as to demonstrate to the Chens that they are not alone at this urgent moment of truth.

Meanwhile, ChinaAid also calls on President Xi to act out of humanitarianism and have Chen Kegui released on medical parole so as not to endanger his life.  Also, in accordance with the U.S.-China agreement reached a year ago as part of the negotiations for Chen Guangcheng’s departure from China, the Chinese government should immediately put a stop to the illegal conduct of the local government of Shandong province in violently harassing Chen Guangcheng’s family.

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