Wang Dao Chooses Prison over Exile, Liangren Church Forced to Move from Rented House

May 24, 2010

GUANGDONG — Wang Dao, pastor of Liangren Church, was told by government officers that unless he chooses to be exiled, he would face prosecution and lengthy imprisonment.  He told his lawyers on Friday that he refuses to be exiled to abroad, and that he has prepared his heart to be imprisoned instead.

Since Pastor Wang Dao was placed on criminal detention on May 9, 2010, the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau (PSB) authorities have illegally refused to let his attorney meet with him.  After numerous attempts to meet, Attorneys Liu Peifu and Dr. Li Baiguang met with Wang Dao at his detention center on May 21 in Panyu District, Guangzhou city. Wang Dao told his two lawyers that he denied every accusation the PSB waged against him, including that of gathering a mass of people that disturbed the public order. He asserted that the charges were completely fabricated, and that his case was founded in nothing other than religious persecution.

Wang Dao’s attorneys reported that he appeared physically and spiritually sound. He asked the attorneys to tell the Liangren Church members that they must not stop gathering. He expressed “feeling at peace while being detained,” and that he has been allowed to walk 10 kilometers every day. However, the detention center has banned Bibles and hymnals, and Pastor Dao expressed his longing to read the Bible and sing hymns in his cell. Prisoners are, however, allowed to receive letters, which may contain Bible passages and the words to hymns.

Facing exile, Wang Dao is now prepared to be imprisoned, even permanently, rather than choose to flee the country. He still longs to rejoin his fellow church members, and continues to urge them to meet boldly and faithfully while he is isolated from them.

The quest to meet continues to be a struggle for the members of Liangren Church, who have persisted despite Pastor Wang’s imprisonment. On the night of May 21, the landlords not only forbade members to enter the site rented by Liangren Church for worship – the landlord also unilaterally told the church to move out before a certain time limit. The believers of the church had to remove all the equipment from the house, but they didn’t know where to put it or where to hold a gathering that coming Sunday.

Haiping Sun, wife of Pastor Wang, said she would sell their own house and live in a rented house so that she can buy a house for the church with the rest of the money.
One Christian woman of Liangren Church wrote the following moving letter to Pastor Wang Dao imprisoned at the detention center.  Read it Here.

Send letters to encourage Pastor Wang by writing to his address:

Cell 151, PSB Base Detention Center, Fuyong Village, Shawan Town, Fanyu District, Guangzhou. Name: Wang Tongjiang. Zip code: 511483.
Contribute financially by contacting Huang Xiaojia at 15918569944
This is a difficult time for Wang Dao’s wife Haiping Sun (shown below) and two children, and they are struggling financially.  Any contributions would be appreciated.
Pastor Wang Dao’s wife, Haiping Sun, is shown here participating in disaster relief in Sichuan.
ChinaAid condemns the unjust persecution of Liangren House Church and the criminal detention of Pastor Wang Dao, which violates the Chinese citizen’s freedom of belief and expression of worship. We urge the Guangzhou authorities to release Pastor Wang Dao, and to cease oppressing the Liangren Church members.  We also call on the international community to provide encouragement in the form of letters, phone calls, and financial support of his family.

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