World Chinese Ministers Affirmed "Key Points of Salvation in the Bible"

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Luke Leung
Gospel Herald Reporter
Sat, Jul, 19 2008 11:49 AM PT

A group of Chinese pastors in America recently published an article titled “Key Points of Salvation in the Bible”, which was acknowledged and supported by key Chinese pastoral leaders from around the world, urging the churches to stand firm in the truth of salvation.
According to a recent report done by Hong Kong Christian Times, the drafting committee consists of the following individuals: Rev. Joseph Wang, Rev. Lawrence Chan, Dr. Sharon Chan, Rev. Che Bin Tan, Rev. Caleb Huang, and Rev. Thomas Wang. Because the topic of “Once Saved, then always saved” has brought about much discrepancies among the churches, and even coworkers, they’ve decided to publish this article as a reference for the church.
The drafting committee asserted that the Bible is the highest authority of faith, because it is the revelation of God through the Holy Spirit to mankind; mankind’s understanding about God and salvation should be obtained from God’s expression of his will from the Bible and from the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Upon the common ground of the biblical interpretation of salvation, they expressed their confession through the following eight points: Plight of humanity, salvation through God, only Jesus Christ, faith in grace, power of the Holy Spirit, life of a believer, and the duty of missions.
“Key Points to Salvation in the Bible” has received acknowledgement and joint support from 57 Chinese ministers from around the world.
These ministers collectively urged the churches to uphold the biblical truth of salvation. On the other hand, they should treat each other with respect and accept each other if it is about non-rudimentary biblical principles.
Their common belief is that the foundation for unity among the believers is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one body, one Holy Spirit, one hope, and one God. Through partnership between churches that have different blessings, it is their wish to together build the body of Christ, proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth, and glorify the one and only true God.
[Resource: Christian Times)

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