Xiamen Huoshi Church insists on requesting a hearing


(Xiamen, China—July 24, 2019) The shutdown Xiamen Huoshi Church has been insisting on requesting a hearing. While they do not give in, authorities used the transcript by the neighborhood committee as accusatory evidence.

In Xiamen, Fujian, Huoshi Church which was shut down in a mass crackdown on June 16, insists on requesting a hearing because the church does not want to give in. Huoshi Church, following Xunsiding Church and Xinzao Church, is the third one that insists on appealing by requesting a hearing.

The hearing was held on the morning of July 12. Members of Huoshi Church defended themselves in court. According to Christians who were present, the Xiamen Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau still faces the problem of letting other law enforcement agent substitute the shut down unit in the hearing, which is against laws and regulations.

The lawyer who represents the church refuted claims with evidence, but reports say the other party couldn’t respond and just read the manuscript word by word before the trial is over. According to a source,

“It is ridiculous that Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau couldn’t find evidence, so they used the transcript by the neighborhood committee and what the neighborhood committee knows about the church in daily life as evidence to accuse the church.”

Houshi Church said that regardless of the final decision, the church just aimed to testify the gospel in front of officials and fight a spiritual battle. They did not hold any expectations.

According to local Christians, Xiamen law enforcement authorities completely ignored the request of a hearing.

‘They treat laws like a piece of useless paper, they have the final say. Even if the hearing is held, it is just perfunctory. The fact that Xunsiding Church was surrounded by human walls formed by a large multitude of police that evening right after the hearing held on the morning supports our view.’

Xiamen authorities conducted a mass crackdown and inspection on local house churches on June 16. The meeting spots of some churches were closed down and church signs were ruined.

It is said that over 40 house churches were shut down, including Dianqian Church, Huoshi Church, and Ruijing Church.
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