Xinjiang Christian Petitioner Beaten and Detained

May 25, 2010

— On April 30, Feng Yongji, a Christian petitioner from Xinjiang was illegally intercepted by the Shanghai Domestic Protection Security Squad on her way to Shanghai during the opening ceremony of Expo 2010. The guards handed her over to the police of Shihezi (her hometown). As the Shihezi police “escorted” her home, four or five officers beat Feng so severely that she passed out. Feng Yongji is now being illegally detained at the Shihezi Police Detention Center. Her current condition is growing worse, and she is in dire need of medical attention.

Feng Yongi’s husband, Ding Xinmin, is outraged at these the actions of the government officials, who abuse the laws they should uphold.  “They constantly use the power of public office in their hands to attack and take revenge on my family,” he said.  “Besides threatening and scaring us, our relatives are also affected, and they live in fear. When will these threats on our personal safety and suffering in life in this terrorizing society end? I hope people from various walks of life who have a sense of justice can give us their support and provide legal assistance for Feng Yongji so that she can receive medical treatment for her injuries.”

Read the most current report on Feng Yongji for more details.
Physical Abuse of Feng Yongji, Petitioner from Xinjiang, Increases

ChinaAid condemns the governmental officials’ behavior of arbitrarily rounding up and imprisoning peaceful citizens and treating them harshly. We urge the international community to appeal to the authorities on Feng Yongjie’s behalf, and to encourage her husband in this difficult time.
Contact Feng’s husband, +86-321-224-3826 for more details, or call on the Shihezi authorities directly:
Shihezi Foreign Affairs (Overseas Chinese Affairs) Office of the General Department :+86-993-201-2414
Shihezi Government Net Tel: +86-993-206-9868
(Local in Shihezi)
Mayor hotline Tel: 1234
Law Service Tel: 12348

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