Xinjiang Christian Worker's Sentence Reduced after Case Receives International Attention

China Aid Association
(Xinjiang Province- January 9, 2008) According to an official from the State Security Bureau who received an order from a higher authority on November 26th, Uyger Christian worker, Wusimanyaming, has received a reduced sentence for his alleged role in revealing State secrets. The court’s original planned judgement called for a 10-15 year criminal sentence in federal prison, but was reduced to a 2-year term in a re-education through labor camp on November 27 as an administrative punishment. The reduced sentence comes weeks after Mr. Wusimanyaming’s case gained attention from the international media. According to his lawyer Mr. Zhang Kai, Pressure from Religious and Human Rights organizations especially China Aid Association has played a significant role in the government’s decision.
Wusimanyaming was detained on November 19, 2007 on charges of allegedly revealing State secrets and Government documents to foreigners. These charges are a cover however, as the real reason for his arraignment stem’s from Wusimanyaming’s employment with Xinjiang Pacific Agricultural Resources Development Company, Ltd, a company owned and operated by an American businessman and outspoken Christian. Soon after his detention, the company was shut down and the owner expelled from China. While the reduced sentence represents a victory for the persecuted believers in China, it is by no means a just ruling or proper response to years of persecution by the CPC. Government officials continue to oppress Chinese Christians who want nothing more than to live out their religious beliefs in freedom.
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